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- All right, here we go.
(speaking in a foreign language)
Wow, okay.
I've got tears in my eyes.
(upbeat rhythmic music)
You drive-through, almost as if you're going
to a McDonald's or a Starbucks.
(speaking in a foreign language)
I'm supposed to fill out this questionnaire
so that the health officials ahead of us
can identify whether or not I'm gonna need some testing.
They are taking my temperature, from both ears actually.
(speaking in a foreign language)
They've just shown me that my body temperature
is 36.6 degrees Celsius.
(speaking in a foreign language)
It's very ticklish and a bit abrupt.
In a day or two, I will probably receive my results.
I will probably get them through text messages.
(cheerful xylophone music)
South Korea has seen cases rise more than 200-fold
in just a few weeks.
And a lot of that could be because testing
is so widespread here.
The government has set up more than 500
coronavirus testing sites, processing more than
210,000 people in a few weeks.
Some critics say that if the government had,
early on, closed its border with China
and restricted travel from the epicenter
of the country's epidemic, than maybe
it wouldn't have needed to create so many testing sites,
like this drive-through.
- This meant that COVID-19 can be characterized
as a pandemic.
(bright xylophone music)
- [Andrew] The biggest takeaway is that
the drive-through testing site is quick,
efficient and minimizes the risk
that potential patients might get the virus
from those who already have it.
The biggest limitation though, is you must be able to drive
and have access to a car to use this facility.
This probably means people who can't drive
or people with disabilities will face difficulty
in coming here and undertaking the test.


新冠肺炎得來速檢疫站 (What It’s Like to Take a Drive-Through Coronavirus Test | WSJ)

41 分類 收藏
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