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  • Hi.

  • Show me the card dot com by Manu Chao and Hippo And today we're making a sweet and sour mango cutie.

  • Now, this recipe was given to us by racially Barty and thank you so much for it because it's really, really delicious and super simple to make.

  • So for this recipe, we're gonna be using a seven mangle, which is kind of 75% not send me to and not meet city friend isn't kidding.

  • So you want a mango which is not fully right, but not draw soon, sometime between and sends the word sweet every sense our exactly.

  • So what, we're gonna d'oh.

  • But Shelly actually suggested that we cut this into slices and we boil the whole thing so that the peel comes off.

  • But I think it's messy as just a little easier for me at Lisa.

  • My opinion.

  • Just appeal it beforehand before we do anything else with it.

  • So we're just gonna take the peel off.

  • And while Bill's during that, I I'm gonna go back on the stove and it's not working on that.

  • It's over here.

  • I have a plan and it's a stainless steel back on, and I have already added to some of the dry spices in it.

  • We've got 1.5 teaspoons off, maybe seeds off fenugreek seeds, two teaspoons off cumin seeds.

  • And what about three dry red chilies?

  • And I've just stone on the stove and they're just gonna dry nose thes Any time that you're driving, Listing, Try and use.

  • Ah, a regular stainless you pan and it is on a low flame.

  • We're gonna get these seats a little head start.

  • Just report to three minutes and I'm just gonna take our mango and just make nice big pieces out of it.

  • And once you can start getting the aroma, the cumin, that's the strongest lever there.

  • We can now add in three tablespoons off dahlia or Rooster China doll, and then we're gonna keep roasting it till the dahlia kind of changes.

  • Little colored gets a little roasted.

  • Look to it, and I've chopped my Mingo here and I have the seed.

  • Now I've cut as close to the seat as possible with my knife.

  • If you want, you can also cook the seed with your mango and make sure you get every little bit of juice out of there, But I think I've done a pretty good job.

  • So we're gonna discard the scene.

  • Hey, this looks done.

  • I'm getting a fantastic a room off the maybe the seeds of the fenugreek seeds as well, and the value is already cooked so you don't have to worry about if you don't turn up the store and we'll transfer it into another ball so that it stops the cooking process and doesn't burn.

  • And the other thing I do is and cool down faster wanted cooldown because to grind it right.

  • So in the meantime, while that's pulling down, we have a saucepan and we're gonna put our truck Man goes in here and we're gonna add one cup of water to this.

  • Now we're gonna cook this mango we're gonna bring it to a boil and let it cook for atleast between 5 to 8 minutes We're looking for the man goes to soften up When you put a knife in it it's gonna go straight through and we know it's done So this goes on the stuff We're gonna put it on a medium high heat and let this come to a boil Once the mixture comes to a boil.

  • We're gonna continue cooking for 5 to 8 minutes or longer, depending on how long it takes the mangoes to get stuff.

  • So this is cool down the spices of cool down.

  • We're just gonna grind it, grind them into a powder into this part of the lad three day with spoons of fresh shredded coconut, green chili to taste and 1/3 of a cup of water.

  • We're gonna add a little at a time, so just grinds easier.

  • I'm gonna check on her, mingles for water to it the balance of the water to it on grind up.

  • Theo Coconut based has blended so beautifully it's become a nice based.

  • And now we have two cups of yogurt right here and we're just gonna gently beat it.

  • So it's smooth things out, and the two cups of yogurt is gonna be added toe one cup of water and we're making like, a thick butter milk.

  • And over here, the mangoes are off the stove.

  • This we're looking a little chunky and a little that piece is a little bigger than we want.

  • So you can either use a hand blender and just, you know, give it a few pulses, or you can take a potato masher and just put it in.

  • Or if they're really small, they're just start.

  • They're really soft.

  • Just take a spoon or fork and just appreciate it.

  • We'll take the easy way out.

  • Okay, so mangoes are looking really good, and this texture is really entirely up to you.

  • If you want a few big chunks in there, that's fine.

  • If you want it all complete smooth.

  • That's fine, too, because the flavor is still gonna be there, either.

  • Which way, Right?

  • And if you notice we've pulled it off the stove.

  • We brought it here because we're going to be adding the yogurt on the bottom milk to it, so any time you want to do that, you would take it off the stove.

  • Just give it a couple of minutes and then add the yogurt so that your insurance is not gonna split and it's not gonna curdle.

  • So we're gonna add the coconut mixture in there, and it's a good idea to add this before you add the yogurt, because it's just easy to mix him, and it already go ahead and reduce the temperature a little bit.

  • I'm gonna add that to it now and salt to taste.

  • Now we're gonna take this back to our stove, and we're gonna cook it on a medium to high flame and we're trying to do is heat it all through without really coming to a boil.

  • So before it comes to the first oil, you want to switch it off.

  • You don't want the yogurt to curdle and separate, so let's get that going.

  • And be sure to stir continuously as a seceding through.

  • And then the other stove I'm gonna work on the seasoning are temporary for that curry.

  • So for the tempering, I have one tablespoon of oil hitting up.

  • So once it's hard with an ad happy teaspoon of mustard seeds allow them to cost.

  • And how did you know?

  • Cumin seeds, a pinch of a secreta, dried chilies to taste, okay.

  • And a few curry leaves and then turn it off and quickly added to the curry.

  • So the mango Cuddy is ready, and I have a really funny joke.

  • Why is mango called foot off?

  • India, This for the arm gente.

  • Okay, a translation of arm in helium Going English is of course of mango, and it also means common or the regular people.

  • So gentle people.

  • I got it, I got it, Thio.

  • Believe it, and I'm rolling on the floor.

  • Come on, We're the common people today, and we're gonna enjoy this and such a delicious the fresh roasted masala as fresh ground masala.

  • You won't believe what kind of a difference it makes in anything you make, but especially in this recipe, it's just so delicious.

  • And, you know it's something different, something out of the ordinary angel work.

  • But you know, it takes you such a long way.

  • So it's so worth the effort, right?

  • But it's not too hard to do so thank you so much, especially for this fantastic recipe, and you should definitely enjoyed.



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