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  • as Luke Skywalker said, Don't eat junk.

  • This is no heath.

  • A joke.

  • This crazy is the Gargamel chamber.

  • It looks of it not amazing piece of equipment now, but fuck in 1973 this did something quite remarkable.

  • What it did was discovered neutral currents.

  • John Gammell, named after Hubble is legendary giant wife of Gargantua.

  • A case.

  • And normally you think of what makes something move.

  • Typically, it's some sort of interaction, right?

  • Something to actually make something move.

  • So you know the kind of things that we know of that will do That will be some sort of electric interaction or magnetic interaction.

  • Two electrons.

  • You go past one another, then they'll repel, and so they'll move.

  • However, if you got a neutral particle passing an electron so that we know no electromagnetic charge, you wouldn't expect anything to happen except when it's another interaction involved on that.

  • Other interaction is called the weak interaction.

  • And that's what was measured inside this chamber back in 1973.

  • So this is big.

  • This is this is a piece of history.

  • It really is a piece of history thing experiment that went on in this machine actually won a flash off Weinberg and Salaam.

  • The Nobel Prize in 1979.

  • What happened in this?

  • They've got a lot to thank.

  • Thank this machine for the body of a gag.

  • Almost chamber is a huge can container four meters, 80 long and one meter and 90 in diameter.

  • Its construction required a far greater precision than that needed in conventional boiler making.

  • Wearing the science garden insane When there's a lot of little bits and bobs of equipment and some of it's just being put together, this is obviously it's it's original, original thing.

  • This this used to wait 25 tons when it was full of air.

  • A frail to guarantee good photographs, the inside of the chamber has to be painted with an absolute photographic black, against which the thin, slender strings of white bubble stand out clearly is in a terrible state.

  • This is disgraceful.

  • There's like a beer can, all right underneath.

  • This was wind came along here to celebrate or what, But this is on this.

  • I don't wanna talk about it.

  • There's a cigarette butt down there as well.

  • It seems to be disappointed, really, that they let it get to the state.

  • When this is really scientific history and epoxy resin paint was used.

  • It was applied by an operator wearing a special heat proof suit where he was working in a chamber heated to 120 C.

  • At the time of the experiment back Inseventy three.

  • This was full of liquid freon, and then they pass some neutrinos through it, and there's some electrons knocking around now.

  • If you just had the usual electromagnetic interaction, not that would happen.

  • That neutrinos got zero charge is not gonna do anything to that electron.

  • Okay, they'll be a gravitational attraction between the two, but that's tiny.

  • That's gonna observe that so you wouldn't expect anything's happened except wine bag and glass.

  • Often certain Salome predicted that something would happen, that they would be this this neutral currents between basically this neutrino and this electron would exchange what's called zed particle.

  • Okay, that's that particle would go between the two objects on.

  • It would cause the electrons a sort of Judah a little bit to give a little wiggle around a little bit, and that happened that was seen in here.

  • Basically, they threw loads of neutrinos through this thing to make sure it happened on the election started to wiggle, and that was proof that because we knew there was no electromagnetic interaction, that was proof of it of a new type of interaction taking place inside this thing.

  • This machine, it's the weak interaction happens in the sun.

  • OK, it's what makes the song low.

  • So you know what happens in the cellar, for example, is a new trouble decay into a proton and electron neutrino.

  • That decay process comes in the core of the sword.

  • Essentially, what makes the sun block that that process is essentially due to the weak interaction?

  • That's a week process.

  • In front, there is enough room to allow the chamber body to be set up.

  • What wine Big glass off and Selam did.

  • They merged electromagnetism and the weak interaction together in a unified theory called electro weak theory.

  • Younger men cost 25 million francs are close to $5 million.

  • So Gargamel is the is the mother of Gargantua in Rabal, 1/16 century books on Giants.

  • Eso.

  • It is pretty big, certainly weighed a lot.

  • It was 25 tons at the time of the experiment, so pretty big object.

  • I did say what didn't look its biggest.

  • I thought it was gonna be there.

  • It doesn't look like 25 is a bit underwhelming where you actually see it scientifically.

  • It's definitely a giant what happened in here.

  • But for the selection of the photographs, nothing can quite replace the eyes of the scanning girl in the hunt for the tracks of the whimsical neutrino.

  • I've talked about the weak interaction that that's this other force.

  • What that does is that's mediated.

  • That's called from the exchange between two particles.

  • Exchange either a w particle or is that particle?

  • So they're different types of particles and new particles.

  • We're talking about here the W for the W particles called the W.

  • Because it's related to that.

  • The weak interaction Zed particle.

  • It was called the Zed because Asswipe Bags has said since it was the it was the piece that completed the story.

  • So it's like the last bit of the story.

as Luke Skywalker said, Don't eat junk.


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