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  • one nurse gives his little patients more than just medicine.

  • I love Children and I love dance lovely.

  • I'm in a position where I'm able to accomplish Boat Joe Wrong Keogh for Nurse Jo is not shy about sharing his moves with the kids he cares for.

  • At ST Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise, Idaho, he's been helping make it a little easier for the patients in the pediatric annex to pass their time at the hospital.

  • He often performs four on, sometimes with the kids in his care.

  • He says he was nervous when administrators at ST Luke's took notice of his dance moves in videos that he and his patients were posting to social media.

  • They contacted me and said, Oh, no, no, I'm gonna get in trouble for doing all this nonsense I've been doing But it was actually the opposite.

  • They actually liked it, and I think a lot of them didn't know that this was going on.

  • And so they said, You know what?

  • Maybe we could make a commercial out of this and show them with the pediatric annex is all about.

  • Sometimes you have to break out your best moves to make a kid feel like a rock star.

  • Now he's the star of this ad for the health system, which shows just how dedicated Nurse Jo is keeping spirits high at the hospital.

  • A lot of Children are there for a long time.

  • They're chronically here, Bill.

  • They're battling different types of cancers.

  • And I'm not shy, You know, I will literally humiliate myself every single day as long as I know that I could put a smile on their face.

  • But this humble health care workers says he's not the only one who deserves the spotlight he says he works with and four people dedicated to making kids healthy and happy again.

one nurse gives his little patients more than just medicine.


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醫院裡的孩子們都喜歡這個跳舞的護士的傻乎乎的表演。 (Kids in Hospital Love This Dancing Nurse’s Silly Routines)

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