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  • Parker wasn't happy the pound was ready.

  • But it's not my fault.

  • Not much we can do about it.

  • We just haven't got the machines to do it.

  • So it is frustrating.

  • Even though Brennan is still half a day away from completing the pad Plucker sends in Mitch to remove the Hopper feeder, We'll take it a little dig and she'll be ready to come out.

  • Let's just pull us ahead.

  • You must be joking.

  • I think we need more horsepower.

  • See, while we're fighting here, a lot of this Web material we've been running a little bit.

  • It's been boiling out.

  • Come back here, turn into concrete right around the axles and the tires of our opera Peter.

  • Here, Parker pulls Brennan away from the pad.

  • Build to break the hopper Feeder free.

  • Don't pull too hard.

  • Now we're getting somewhere gold Rush.

Parker wasn't happy the pound was ready.


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帕克的料斗進料器被卡住了|淘金熱 (Parker's Hopper Feeder is Stuck | Gold Rush)

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