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  • these stories about our other than you think.

  • I think there's a a man in Oregon called 911 after he heard strange noises from inside the house.

  • Are you inside as well?

  • But the door is locked.

  • We see a shadow moving around.

  • Any idea who that may be?

  • Have you tried knocking on the door?

  • Yes.

  • No.

  • Police rushed to the house for Gloria.

  • Deputy Brian Rogers said he wasn't going to take any chances.

  • I have, uh, what's referred to as a long gun or a rifle out.

  • The detective and the other deputy have their duty.

  • Issue handguns out.

  • The cops made their way to the bathroom.

  • Weapons drawn.

  • When they opened the door, they found Yes, a Roomba.

  • How could you mistake a Roomba for a burglar?

  • I set up this little guy in my bathroom.

  • I didn't know better.

  • I might mistake that for a feat.

  • It is a robot back, and Claire will be entered.

  • That bathroom.

  • There I am with this really cool looking rifle pointing it out.

  • A robot.

  • The police had a little fun with the incident, posting a photo of the miscreant room bow with a most wanted sign.

  • The criminals are really cleaning up.

  • Joke one.

  • Social media commenter.

  • Looks like you got that dirt bag.

  • I think there's an intruder in one of the and Thomas and Alyssa Miller were watching a movie upstairs in their home when they heard something suspicious on the floor below.

  • It's not like footsteps.

  • Almost downstairs with North Carolina.

  • Man grabbed his gun.

  • I ever go to the bathroom.

  • That's a cold one.

  • You seriously want me to do this?

  • I said, yeah, definitely.

  • Do it.

  • So she did, whispering into the phone.

  • Emergency her house.

  • You think I was breaking in the house?

  • Yeah.

  • I'm gonna get help.

  • Started that way.

  • Within minutes, police arrived by now with my hands out the help, the doors that they could see it, have their guns drawn, point up the stairs.

  • And then I come out.

  • They were almost with their weapons.

  • Like so.

  • I have a question.

  • I said Sure, they were like, Is this room but yours?

  • Waas.

  • So how long you had this?

  • And I said about two days old to start laughing.

  • Unbeknownst to the couple, the room Bo was scheduled to go on at midnight, clean on here was some messy business in Oklahoma, a neighbor dispute in which a Roomba played a role.

  • My daughter just started praying for everyone's safety, Candace and David Baird say, a neighbor trying to knock down their fence with a Roomba.

  • We've heard these loud pops that initially we thought were gone.

  • It was actually him, taking the room and just throwing it against the fans per yard.

  • Baird and another neighbor armed themselves and confronted the Roomba owner.

  • I told him, If you come to the fans and shoot another friend posted by the back of the house and took cover behind this post right here he was kicking the fence and throwing his room against the fence.

  • Candace, sheltered in the bathroom with their Children, is armed with my weapon and, in case he got into the house, passed the guys out there.

  • A SWAT team soon arrived After a several hour long standoff.

  • The man was apprehended.

  • He's been charged with placing an act of violence and has entered a not guilty plea.

  • Finally, here's something on a Roomba you don't see every day.

  • It's Potter, the dog that looks like Harry Potter.

  • He's riding around on a room Bo without it.

  • Here in the world, according to his human family, that was my wife's idea, actually told her There's no way he would ever get on that room.

these stories about our other than you think.


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這些Roombas惹上了不少麻煩。 (These Roombas Got Into a Lot of Trouble)

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