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  • we have to do 6000 ounces this year.

  • Yeah, And they got to come from something.

  • Yeah, and I am gonna put all my ducks on the this year.

  • So what I'm thinking I'm gonna do is with Pearson bars.

  • What the hell?

  • The Pearson box is old school.

  • There are no moving parts.

  • Instead, the monster spray bars pound 9000 gallons of water a minute onto the paydirt.

  • The water separates off the worthless rocks through the center shoot and sends the gold rich material down through the screen deck where the gold settles in the sluices.

  • The Pearson box hasn't been used in 15 years and is locked to the ground end up.

  • Bingo.

  • Okay, let's go easy.

  • What is that?

  • Gold rush.

  • All new Fridays at nine.

  • On Discovery and Discovery go.

we have to do 6000 ounces this year.


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託尼試圖揭開皮爾森盒子的面紗|淘金熱 (Tony's Attempt to Uncover a Pearson Box | Gold Rush)

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