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  • Good morning tickets Tuesday greetings from the floor of a hotel room.

  • It's September 25th which means that your book and absolutely remarkable thing is out in the world.

  • It's out of lovely reception.

  • So far, people have been sending the updates as they read it and pictures of themselves reading it.

  • And also the reviews are great, like The Associated Press just called it, a thrilling journey that takes a hard look at the power of fame.

  • It really is a thrilling journey that takes a hard look at the power of fame.

  • And tonight we get to celebrate the book here in New York City, at the Town hall, one of my favorite places in the world.

  • And then we go on tour, and I am just so happy that last night I started crying for no reason except for gratitude.

  • But Hank, in addition to this being a very exciting time, I would imagine it's also a somewhat stressful time because this thing that you have been working on for more than five years is now being read by lots of people.

  • And that's exciting but also scary.

  • And Hank, when I feel like that, I find comfort and joy in one extremely specific place that I would like to share with you today I am referring, of course, to the boot to big Subreddit.

  • You know, boot too big, Hank.

  • Roses are red, Sugar is sweet, His boot too big for his gosh darn feet lightly edited because my kids watch bald brothers.

  • Now I don't know what it is about this joke construction that I find completely irresistible.

  • But like roses are red, the zoo has elephants.

  • Please urinate with precision and elegance.

  • There must be something about the meter of roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet And so are you that just, like, calm some reptilian part of my brain.

  • Even though the poem itself is terrible.

  • And for the record, violets are usually violet.

  • But when you take the same meter and expanded to other worlds, I just find it in expressively delightful like violets are into Go mock you memories air silly.

  • On this day nine years ago, I dropped the pot of chili.

  • Roses are red.

  • You can't sink the Titanic.

  • If Waffle House closes, it's time to panic.

  • Here is one of my very favorite ones roses are red.

  • I'm not a hero.

  • Guess I can't do it.

  • All the roses are red.

  • I'm not a hero.

  • Gas leak it cyber got rave Kill zero Also, it's just a reminder of how lovely the world could be if you pay extremely close attention.

  • Like roses are red.

  • Jordan could dunk.

  • We know he can swim.

  • But can Richard Funk roses are red?

  • Blast for me is unholy.

  • I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli.

  • Roses are red.

  • I'm a trendsetter.

  • Camouflage pants are getting better and better.

  • There are also wordless boot to Biggs.

  • And as you know, Hank, I'm not much for buns.

  • But I'm gonna give you one because I know that you love a dad joke.

  • Best dad jokes in town.

  • This puns for you, Fam.

  • If you're happy and you know it, clamp your hams.

  • Okay, Just three more than I'll get serious again.

  • Roses are red, Takuma Tada Life is a party and on the pinata, roses are red.

  • Violets are blue.

  • Stop killing mountains to make mountain dew And lastly, roses are red Mercury's and thermometers Invincible moose next five kilometers.

  • I hope that brought you some joy, Hank.

  • It certainly made me happy.

  • So there's a moment at the end of the movie back to the future when George McFly I opens a box to find finished copies of his book of Match made in space.

  • And as a kid, I often dreamt of that moment, getting to see my own story in the world.

  • Hank, you've been working on this book for more than five years, but I know you've been dreaming of this moment for much, much longer than that.

  • So congratulations.

  • I am so excited for you and for everyone to read an absolutely remarkable thing.

  • Nerd Fight Area.

  • The book is available at libraries and bookstores everywhere.

  • There is even a discord where you can discuss it while you read it Links and the Doobie Doo below.

  • I look forward to seeing many of you tonight in New York for the launch and then on the rest of the tour.

  • Hank, you did it.

Good morning tickets Tuesday greetings from the floor of a hotel room.


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