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  • cruising on a skateboard made from recycled fishnets and then chow down on a chocolate bar from J.

  • Cocoa.

  • If it's something that you can buy online, it is a website that you can check out online a game you can play online or an app that you can download online that it is a dong, something that you could do online now, guys.

  • But these are some awesome pieces of loot.

  • Grab some old art supplies out of your trunk with Save the Chimps dot or as well as being able to buy original artwork from these artistic apes.

  • You can also buy more affordable supplies like bananas, corn and oranges, and even sponsor a holiday.

  • Brody Uh, these animals are so cute.

  • I wish I could adopt them what I can.

  • The Symbolic World Wildlife Federation adoption kit lets you adopt an endangered species and in return gives you a cute plushy, a photo of the animal and information on the species you're protecting.

  • Now that you've got an official certificate for saving a life, stamp it with one of these animals.

  • Stamps from the ST Jude's gift shop ST Jude's was built to help treat and cure catastrophic diseases that affect Children and 100% of all profits from their products.

  • Go to the research hospital, and it's a lovely day.

  • So go for a walk.

  • Just make sure you bring your UNICEF Kid Power band an awesome odometer that gives you points for being active and going on missions with the companion app.

  • What's really amazing is that the points you earn for walking around are converted into funding for UNICEF, and so far, almost 200,000 ready to use therapeutic food packets have been distributed due to people wearing the band's plus.

  • It comes in Star Wars edition.

  • So much walking to do better.

  • Prepare and buy some socks for Mitt Scoots, an online clothing store that will donate a pair of socks for every pair you buy.

  • If you're getting cold feet about donating socks, warm them up with bio light camp stove, which not only is good for cooking while camping but also generates its own electricity, allowing you to charge your phone or camera harness in store.

  • The extra energy in the vin sick Alien Power Bank, which you can connect to the wrap our solar charger in order to start living off the grid.

  • Yes, solitude is my only companion.

  • So night up your log cabin with the solar puff, a rechargeable solar lantern made from recycled materials that is being distributed around the world to lend aid during environmental crisis.

  • Set someone else up for success.

  • When you buy your school supplies from U B, 99.5% of all teachers are forced to buy a central school supplies each year for an average of $485 spent out of pocket.

  • You be hopes to fix this by donating school supplies to the teachers and students who need them.

  • Every time you make a purchase, you be the change you want to see in the world when you donate a honeybee hive to a family with heffer beehives providing renewable source of income with their honey and bees wax.

  • But they also increase the yield in health of local crops, thanks to all the work they do, pollinating local fields and plants.

  • Good work These as long as the little critters behave, helped them out.

  • By making your own seed bombs, they're easy to craft and help improve the ecology of your local neighborhood.

  • Plus, let's be honest, who doesn't like throwing stuff in other stuff?

  • Right?

  • Morad stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff.

  • And finally, if you want to do some research on your own, check out charity Navigator.

  • This awesome dong allows you to research different charitable organizations and make sure your money is going to where they say it is.

  • And if you're wondering why I am currently in a bed, it's because I had surgery on my leg and I can't really move.

  • If you don't know why I have surgeon.

  • My leg.

  • Well, you can check out my personal channel by cooking here, or there is a link at the top of the description as well as links to all of the lute.

  • Thank you for being awesome.

  • And, as always, thanks for watching.

cruising on a skateboard made from recycled fishnets and then chow down on a chocolate bar from J.


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