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  • V sauce, five riddles, four fax three misconceptions to projects and one trick.

  • It's 54321 trick to try At home.

  • It's the appearing glass.

  • You need a glass with a stem, a rubber band, plastic wrap in a cloth, the plastic wrap.

  • Hold with liquid in while you hold the glass upside down and you remove it as you remove the cloth.

  • Um, to projects.

  • The first is a homemade magneto helmet.

  • Take a red bucket and some purple paper and go levitate and iron.

  • Second is, ah, home printer hack that allows you to print with invisible ink.

  • Replace the yellow ink sponge with concentrated lemon juice and reveal your secret message with iodine tincture.

  • Find the complete steps in the links below.

  • Three Misconceptions.

  • Don't eat before you swim.

  • Actually, eating less than an hour before swimming does not increase the risk of experiencing muscle cramps or drowning.

  • That guy has a real Napoleon complex, but Napoleon Bonaparte was not particularly sure the French emperors.

  • Height was recorded at five feet 6.5 inches in modern international feet, which is actually taller at the time than the average French bulls hate red um, nobles are not enraged by the color red Using caves by professional matadors.

  • Cattle are diagram mats, so red does not stand out as a bright color.

  • Instead, the movement of the fabric insights it to charge four.

  • Fax The sentence.

  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog uses every letter in the English language serving ice cream on cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.

  • The pound key on the keyboard is called an Octa thor, and the DOT that appears above the letter I is called a tittle.

  • Five reels.

  • A common in is a group of words that have a common trait in the three words listed.

  • For example, a scale attire, a chick book are all things that you balance.

  • Here are three common aims.

  • A ball of fish, a cold ah, bottle, a baseball player.

  • Ah, mushroom fog, a jack, a bodybuilder.

  • Here's a visual puzzle.

  • The objects in this row have something in common.

  • One of the following three objects is the next element in the row is an image a B or C, and why finally a riddle submitted by you guys as I was going to ST Ives, I met a man with seven wives, each wife and seven sacks.

  • Each sack had seven cats.

  • Each cat had seven cats.

  • Each cat had seven kits.

  • Kids, cats, sacks, wives.

  • How many went to ST Ives?

  • So make your own riddles at facebook dot com slash v sauce gaming and leave your answers in the comments below.

  • Oh, and as always, thanks for watching.

V sauce, five riddles, four fax three misconceptions to projects and one trick.


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RIDDLE挑戰賽!!!-- 54321 (RIDDLE Challenge!!! -- 54321)

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