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  • This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is a really odd lock on loan to me from Peter South.

  • This is an on ton rim cylinder, and it has a positively bizarre kay.

  • If we look carefully, weaken, see bidding for five pens.

  • Cut in that edge and then we have these beads in the center.

  • The beads engage a bank of three pins at the nine o'clock position and another bank of four pins at the four o'clock position.

  • The question becomes, Why would the company of used beads, instead of cutting bidding into a solid key?

  • Well, I can't think of a good reason other than to make a really cool looking key.

  • And I've got to say, if that was the goal, then mission accomplished.

  • This has got to be one of the coolest looking keys I've ever seen.

  • So let's get this lock in, tow a vice and see what it takes to pick it open.

  • Okay, I'm going to shove this whole pry bar in here for attention, and then to manipulate the pins, I'm going to be using this massive 50 thousands of an inch thick hook.

  • The reason I'm using that is because we have a really wide open key way here.

  • And a normal hook would just slide off the pins because this is so wide, it will rest on them very nicely.

  • So let's start on that right bank of pins.

  • Okay, that's one, two, three and four.

  • Move around to the top, pins.

  • One, two, three for five and then the left bank one, two three.

  • And we just got this open.

  • So despite that cool looking key, there really isn't that much to picking this open now.

  • Normally, I would gut a lock like this to show you what's inside.

  • But I can tell you from experience that reassembling unfamiliar locks with pins coming from multiple directions can be very tricky.

  • And in fact, you can destroy a lock because this is rare in the United States and it isn't mine.

  • I'm not going to risk it.

  • So that's all I have for you today.

  • If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.

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  • And, as always, have a nice day.

  • Thank you.

This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is a really odd lock on loan to me from Peter South.


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