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  • Waterford, Virginia, 2017.

  • Sedona Institute researcher George Haas is combing through satellite images of Mars.

  • When he spies a discernible shape, it appears to be the image of another face.

  • Unlike the original so called face on Mars, discovered in 1976 this face appears in profile, similar to that of the Badlands guardian.

  • So in this area called Utopia in a huge impact, crater is the profile face that has a beard mustache.

  • And he's wearing a helmet that has an avian headdress.

  • When the bearded profile on Mars is compared to the Badlands guardian, we see the same type of profile.

  • Both incorporate avian iconography.

  • One has a headdress of feathers, Thea, the ones wearing a headdress that incorporates an entire bird.

  • I think the culture that produced these formations on Mars had a direct relationship to the human race.

  • Is an ancient story being told through JIA cliffs that exist both on Earth and on our closest neighboring planet?

  • And if so, what happened to those responsible for writing it?

  • Perhaps civilization on Mars was destroyed, or perhaps civilisation began on Mars and then moved to earth.

  • Earth was incense seeded by Martian civilization, And that is why we have similar structures on Mars and on planet Earth.

  • So with the discovery of the fights on Mars, is it possible that it's acting as a cloak?

  • It's telling us that somewhere here is evidence off a lost civilization that existed on the Red Planet perhaps millions of years ago.

  • That's a very tantalizing possibility, and it's one that I know that every scientist going to Mars wants toe Answer.

  • Maybe these jobless were all part of some global memorial that was built by some unknown extraterrestrial culture that has to do with human origins and is telling the story of where we came from and possibly where we may be going.

  • You have to ask, Is there something in common between the people that were making these geo cliffs?

  • And the answer is is that they all have similar stories in these earthly civilizations.

  • They're in contact with star beings, celestial beings that came to Earth and her assisting humanity.

  • They live with us.

  • They interacted with us.

Waterford, Virginia, 2017.


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