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  • Hi there students

  • how to make a SELF INTRODUCTION

  • how to introduce yourself to a group of people

  • so what do you need to include : well

  • I think I'd start with my name

  • and my nationality

  • OK

  • then you might talk about your current job

  • and give

  • a brief description perhaps of what you do

  • or who you work for , where you work

  • um

  • then you might want to

  • talk about where you live

  • you could talk about your house or the area you live in OK

  • you might then talk

  • about your family

  • your parents your brothers and sisters

  • if you're married or single if you have children , etc

  • and then finally you might say a bit about your interests

  • the things that are interesting to you personaly so

  • let me try . Hi , I´m Alex and

  • I´m British and I was born in Oxford

  • my job is an English teacher um

  • but an English teacher in Spain so

  • I have

  • a number of students I give classes face to face

  • and also by Internet

  • Um Yeah

  • I´m married but separated

  • and I have two children

  • a boy and a girl but they are both grown up

  • um ...

  • both my parents are dead

  • my father was a stockbroker and I have no brothers and sisters

  • um I live

  • in Spain in the mountains North of Madrid

  • and the mountains to the North of my house look beautiful and impresive

  • I went to university in Cambridge but

  • I studied Chemistry not English teaching

  • um my first job was working as a chef

  • and then I came to Spain and worked as an English teacher for a few years and

  • then I became an antique dealer

  • I bought things in France and sold them in Britain

  • and then after that I came back to Spain and started teaching again

  • um

  • interests what things interest me

  • I love computers and I love Science Fiction

  • I´m very interested in Psychology and

  • perhaps the possibilities of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • um ...

  • I'm interested in the way people act and why

  • I'm also interested in Archaeology and old History

  • but Prehistoric History and things like that

  • and I love Science

  • and things about Space and those types of things

  • so there you are you see that´s an introduction

  • what do you include your name your nationality

  • your job

  • where you live

  • a brief history of your life

  • your family if you´re married single and your interests

  • there you go and that's what I´d use for

  • an introduction so if you´ve enjoyed the video

  • give it a rating

  • you could even favorite this video

  • if you've got any comments please make them and subscribe to my channel

  • thanks a lot bye !

Hi there students


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