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  • the is that?

  • Oh, come on.

  • That sounds just when things were going good is wrong with bearing down good.

  • Okay.

  • Hey, Carl, you head up to the wash plant.

  • I think something up here.

  • Mechanic call.

  • Rusk arrives to figure out the problem.

  • Oh, yeah, this very Okay, So basically the bear in the cage failed Berries, fellow.

  • They're all gone.

  • So the ball bearings supposed to be in there.

  • So this thing's done told us straight.

  • There's there's not a lot of rotten.

  • This is not good.

  • Trouble rotates on four steel wheels.

  • On either side of each wheel sits a bearing mechanism allowing the wheel to turn.

  • The key's separating.

  • The roller bearings has failed loose within the housing bearings of ground themselves to destruction until Rick can fit a new bearing.

the is that?


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瑞克的昂貴的球軸承挫折|淘金熱 (Rick's Costly Ball Bearing Setback | Gold Rush)

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