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  • Okay, so here's how obsessed I am.

  • All of these are screen shots off my YouTube stats.

  • 19 subscribers.

  • And that's January 15th of this year.

  • Basically what I've done, like the first thing in the morning.

  • I've gotten up.

  • I'm taking a screen shot off the subscribers and then at night to assume, like before bed, I take another screen shot off.

  • How many subscribers I have?

  • It's been pretty crazy, like the last two months.

  • I'd say, Well, let's look right now.

  • It's the ninth of Mays O on March 9th in the morning, I had 2700 subscribers, and right now I have 13,000 and 95 subscribers, so that means it's gone up by more than 10,000 in the last two months.

  • I'm sorry if this is like super boring to watch where I'm just like rambling on about how many subscribers I got each month, but I figured it might be interesting to kind of see how fast things have gone.

  • And one month ago on April 9th, I had 6179 subscribers.

  • So now, pretty much every month it's been like doubling, which is pretty crazy.

  • I just want to say thank you.

  • And I'm super grateful that you subscribed and that you want to watch these videos.

  • So really, thank you.

  • So now for the status update on the startup and the truth is that I haven't really gotten a lot done in the last two weeks.

  • I was kind of thinking whether I should actually call this a startup flog.

  • But what I'm thinking is that it's a good idea, maybe to show also this part where it's like I planned to do a whole lot of things, but I didn't really get a lot done and show you kind of the true progression off how I'm building this and how it's all going.

  • And also, right now, I'm about to get into kind of the design part of it.

  • So, like building the u I and all that stuff which will be harder to film because I can't reveal what the actual product project is gonna be.

  • It's kind of hard to show me designing the u I when I can't show you what the project is gonna be.

  • Because if I designed the u I, then you're probably gonna see what the project is gonna be so.

  • I figured this video is just gonna be kind of a short little vlog of me when I went to London.

  • I hope that's fine.

  • And also, at the end of this video, and I'll put a time stamp in the description.

  • I have a little announcement for something that's coming in next week's video.

  • All right, so to give some context to where I'm at, I flew to England today and tow London, and then I went reading to visit my sister.

  • So this is where I and now I'm gonna go to bed on this giant couch.

  • So that's gonna be my bed tonight while they are sleeping in that room.

  • Theo, we're in London now.

  • Way just had some Indian food at a restaurant.

  • Now we're gonna go shopping, have it.

  • This place was pretty cool.

  • Different 12 like a garden inside the house or inside the store.

  • We're from shopping center, and I am sitting waiting for my sister and my dad to stop shopping.

  • Right now we're back in reading and we've just had some dinner on DDE.

  • Now we're gonna go back home on, and also I just want.

  • I hope that this kind of made sense is some sort of log, but I'm probably gonna keep it in the video anyway, So I hope it did make sense.

  • And, well, now we're going back home.

  • I checked the YouTube stats on, so that way just hit exactly 10,000 subscribers.

  • So I just want to say thank you.

  • And I'm really grateful for this is like getting this kind of response.

  • And I'm just really happy that you like it and, Well, hopefully you like it.

  • And I will keep trying to make videos.

  • And the plan is to keep illness.

  • I have on dhe upload a video every Friday at three o'clock Swedish time.

  • I don't know what time that is anywhere else, but that's the plan.

  • So thank you, ISS 5 51 right now.

  • And I'm heading to the airport to go back home to Sweden on I'm not quite sure how to get to the train station from here, but we'll see how that goes.

  • I feel like I'm gonna get a hit because it's, um, left hand traffic here in England.

  • So, um, I'm not really used to wear toe look and I was about to get hit.

  • Just that.

  • All right, we made it.

  • And we're in line on on on now.

  • Just a quick cut sequence.

  • All right, So now for the little announcement for what's coming next week, I figured it would be kind of interesting to show the whole process of building an app from start to finish.

  • And this is not related to the start up for the afternoon building there.

  • I just kind of got a kn idea for a good app to build.

  • And I know that that app is gonna be quite quick to build a swell.

  • So basically, I'm thinking that I will build the app and I'll kind of show you the macro level of the whole process of basically coming up with the requirements, designing the actual app.

  • So, like, how do I designed my APs once I have that requirements and then building the app and then launching it to both the app store and the Google App store, and I'll build it with flutter, and then I'll post it to the APP store, and then you can download it if you want, But mostly it's just to kind of show you the whole process of how I kind of go about building something from taking something from an idea to an actual finished product and all the steps that are involved in kind of how that works.

  • So that's what next week's video's gonna be about.

  • But for now, that's it for this one.

Okay, so here's how obsessed I am.


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