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  • So for many of you, this is probably the first spherical video that you have ever seen.

  • Depending on where you're watching, you can use a W A S D keys to move your view around, see if they're an example or, um, clicking drag or you can if you're on a mobile device.

  • I don't have my cell phone right here.

  • If you're on a mobile device, you might.

  • You too bad.

  • Be able to just move it around and look oh, are in virtual reality.

  • You could just move your head and look to make sure to look around Or if you can't, maybe you're missing everything in a weird squished everything 360 videos because it goes a whole 362 screens around.

  • I don't like that for two reasons.

  • First, just calling it 360 degrees doesn't tell you whether it's a full sphere like you can look up and down or whether it's just a circle around like a panorama on this.

  • Just nothing up and down.

  • Second of all, the whole degrees thing is just bad notation, whatever decided, like someone decided.

  • There's 360 degrees in a circle.

  • Ladies decided that now everybody has to memorize it.

  • It could have been radiance within the nest of mediums to by using pie instead of towel.

  • I mean, circles are defined by their radius.

  • The ratings would have been great, except that ratings are done in terms of the radius.

  • Whereas we generally use pi to say how many ratings and pies in terms of the diameters, you're mixing readings in diameter.

  • You end up with two PI ratings.

  • Going around a circle and that just doesn't make any sense is just terrible, not 3.1 for its 6.2 H.

  • And that's why, on June 26th 0 it's hard to cure on talk at the same time.

  • That's why I'm doing 28 6.28 and then some decibels.

  • We celebrate today.

  • So in honor of the full circle of town, I thought I would show you some satirical video, which is kind of what I've been working on for the past year.

  • I haven't been around here very much.

  • Here you go uploaded the regional Tao song.

  • That was the first and only time will tell if the video, um and I made a mistake I skipped some digits from bothering me ever since.

  • So that I'm saying you censor video.

  • It might be a good excuse.

  • Something to put in this thing playing town song with those extra digits If I can still remember it.

  • I just looked up my own song on tar something dot com to get the lyrics because I forgot.

  • Um, I was thinking of putting a regional, but they're here and the Nicholls around wherever you want.

  • I think I'm actually gonna edit that out later.

  • If you wanna make a circle, how is it done?

  • Well, you probably will start with the radius one, Then use a compass or a string and use a paper or the ground.

  • And if the radius is 1/2 I will you?

  • Uh oh.

  • It's a one way.

  • If you pick a certain distance on you, pick a certain spot and you put the to gather than what have you got.

  • Makes a very special shape.

  • And now you are the inventor.

  • You take the point censored and distance from your center a great invention.

  • And it makes a lovely circle, depending on to mention, because there is one thing but more a circle.

  • How much circles there, if you take the distance and it's a town 64769 to 58 Now I know when you are thinking, What about that other guy?

  • The one that sometimes pronounced P and it sometimes for announced pie?

  • Well, it's fine if you are building but does not belong in math.

  • All the equation make more sense If we Oh, wait, we get further from truth when we wake, Since when it's beautiful and pure.

  • Please don't ruin it with your bad notation and curriculum, you wait 64769 to 58765 Wait 97.

  • Hey, 21 one happy today.

So for many of you, this is probably the first spherical video that you have ever seen.


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