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  • What's up everybody?

  • Chad here with another very quick video lesson for you all.

  • Today's video less is not based on a TV series, but a scene from a really funny Christmas

  • movie calledElf.”

  • So the context of the scene is that Will Ferrell, the actor, he is an Elf, one of Santa Clause's

  • helpers.

  • And he's come to New York to find his real parents.

  • But all you need to know to understand the scene is that he is in a shopping mall and

  • he sees a fake Santa Clause and he goes crazy.

  • So it's a really funny scene to really learn a lot with this scene DOWNLOAD THE POWER LESSON

  • just click there, and it's an awesome resource that breaks down all the vocabulary, pronunciation,

  • and cultural references.

  • And it will really, really help your English Fluency.

  • So download the Power Lesson.

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy this scene fromElf.” Aww Yeah!

What's up everybody?


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通過聖誕電影學習英語。精靈 (Learn English with a Christmas Movie: Elf)

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