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  • Temporary glasses, don't freak out. Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday.

  • Today, I want to talk to you about how to win, in life, in sports,

  • in whatever because I am very nervous right now and I would like to send some winning energy

  • into the world; or at the very least some tying energy, but first a bit of background.

  • So our community sponsors a third tier English soccer team called AFC Wimbledon, specifically our logo occupies the liminal space

  • between the left thigh and buttock on their uniform and this has been a really difficult season for

  • Wimbledon. They've lost more games than they've won, and with two games to go they are currently in 19th place out of

  • 24 teams and that's a tad worrisome because the bottom four teams will be relegated and spend next season in the fourth tier of English football.

  • So in order for Wimbledon not to get relegated, they need to win or draw one of their last two games

  • the first of which starts (as I'm recording this) in about an hour. It's definitely nervous making,

  • but on the other hand this is actually the best position Wimbledon has been in for, like, months.

  • Largely thanks to the Walsall event. It's amazing how an entire season of football or really any endeavor can come down to

  • ridiculously little things. Like Hank, I often think that if your Harry Potter song hadn't been featured by YouTube in July of

  • 2007, none of this would exist.

  • Of course lots of other things had to happen too, so many that I can't name all of them or even

  • know about all of them. We all live for better and for worse

  • with what happens to have happened; but right the Walsall event. With five games left in the season,

  • AFC Wimbledon are two nil down to Walsall at halftime. The last time

  • Wimbledon came back from a two nil deficit was a year and a half earlier, a 2-2 draw against Barry.

  • But then near the start of the second half Andy Barcham is fouled, the ensuing penalty is saved, but the rebound

  • happens to fall to Joe Piggott, who scores,

  • and then in the 65th minute, Lyle Taylor scores a beautiful goal and the comeback is complete; 2-2

  • everyone celebrates! Huzzah! Huzzah!

  • Except, wait. Hold on... roll that back. Right there, you see that guy picking up the ball?

  • That's Wimbledon's captain Barry Fuller; and he's doing that to run the ball back to the center circle to get the game

  • restarted as quickly as possible.

  • Now, time added on to the end of the half by the referee is supposed to account for all of this,

  • but in practice everyone knows you can save a few seconds by running the ball back.

  • So, while everyone else was justifiably celebrating the completion of their comeback,

  • Wimbledon's captain was like, "Hold on guys, we can still win this!" and I mean we're talking here about at most

  • 15 seconds; that is 1/360th of the game, but as it happened that was a vital 1/360th

  • because in the final seconds of the game, Lyle Taylor was fouled in the box, Dean Parrot scored a penalty, and Wimbledon won the game

  • 3-2. That meant three points added to their season total instead of one, three points that here at the end of the season looked like

  • they might be absolutely essential.

  • So why did the Walsall event happen? It happened because of accurate shooting, because of a referee's

  • decisions, because the ball bounced one way and not the other; but it also

  • happened because Barry Fuller picked the ball up and ran it back to the center circle, even though he knew that by doing that he

  • was only increasing Wimbledon's chances of winning by some

  • fraction of a percent. There is so much luck in this world and none of us should ever

  • forget that and we also all have to depend on the good judgment of strangers and help from our friends and colleagues

  • and teammates, but also you have to hope and you have to go on.

  • Even when you've lost more games than you've won and you've been down so far that a tie feels like winning, you have

  • to pick up the ball and run it back to midfield and believe in spite of it all that this game is still winnable.

  • Hank, I'll see you on Friday.

Temporary glasses, don't freak out. Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday.


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如何贏 (How to Win)

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