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  • hey dot com Michael Here Today I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for Brain Candy Live.

  • Gotta Show here tonight.

  • I I am my own cameraman today, which means things are about to get pretty received poorly done.

  • But that's OK, because I've got a show here tonight.

  • I'm very excited.

  • We've got nine more brain candy live shows on this tour.

  • Five next year in Australia and then 40 mawr in the United States and beyond.

  • In the spring of next year, you have no excuse not to come get your brain candy.

  • But today I'm here to talk about Dawn's.

  • That's right, things you can do online now.

  • Not only can you do things online, things can do things online.

  • The Internet of things visualize is all the objects that can or will soon be connected, as well as statistics on the future of the Internet, of things as well as planned technologies like connected cars, connected homes and connected cows.

  • That's right, we are moving into the future, right, guys, look before the machines take over.

  • Let's robot dot TV exert some final control over your future masters by manipulating robots from across the Internet.

  • Find a live robot and use the arrow keys to move around.

  • Take it left, right, forward backwards.

  • Refresh the page or scroll down for some more rooms to stare at.

  • And you know what it's called when a Swedish robot analyzes a bird.

  • Scandinavian.

  • Yeah, don't look so blue.

  • Okay, that only represents sadness.

  • For some people, the colors and culture wheel shows that blue can represent peace in some African cultures.

  • Just match open area represented by letters and an emotion or cultural ideal represent by numbers and follow the wheel.

  • Good luck can be represented as red in Eastern Europe, while bad luck in Japan can be represented with black, Green is the color of death in South America.

  • Was that too dark?

  • But I didn't mean to be a buzz kill.

  • Or did I?

  • In Buzz kill?

  • You have to protect your garden from hordes.

  • Killer bees fire lasers to kill them or blow smoke to make their honeycombs vulnerable, blast the bees and wreck havoc on the honeycombs to move to the next level, where you'll eventually fight the Queen bee.

  • In reality, of course, these are not our enemies.

  • There are friends, and should we really be supporting the game that unfairly maligned them.

  • I mean, they have complex homing systems that allow them to return back to their hives, no matter how far they go.

  • And they also communicate by dancing so they don't need maps.

  • But may be they like a music map dot com.

  • Enter the name of almost any band or artist and music map will give you a map of groups that sound like the closer they sounded like the closer they'll be on the map.

  • The site is hosted by Not for Gonad, which is Dong spelled backwards.

  • Be cool, huh?

  • A rabid collector of maps is called a card.

  • Oh, maniac.

  • And here's another music map this time dot In this music, math gives a genealogy of various musical genres.

  • Zoom in to see how each genre influences and creates the next click on any genre for a in depth look.

  • For example, Psycho Billy was a mash up of eighties punk and psychedelic rock and rockabilly from the forties and fifties, which then gave rise to country punk, also known as cow punk.

  • Watch how each genre mutates and spreads its traits on to the next generation.

  • You can participate in the evolution of music with Darwin, too.

  • Unfortunately, this game just expired, but could follow them on Twitter or Facebook for future announcements.

  • If you match too short music clips to pair up, they will share and mix their traits to create an all new piece of music.

  • Every music clip is computer generated in each clips Daughter gets voted on, decide whether it survives to pass on its musical genes.

  • But of course it ain't no thing if it ain't got no swing, add some twenties spice with swing Abi.

  • Upload any music by and swing up.

  • I will bend and stretch it till you could play it at a speakeasy.

  • If you don't have a musical piece in mind, you could always just look down here.

  • Oh, look, it's the real swing, Shady.

  • Thank you for joining me on this dong journey.

  • And, as always, thanks for watching.

hey dot com Michael Here Today I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for Brain Candy Live.


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