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  • the big plan for having Julen case.

  • Does it have to do with his seventh birthday?

  • In indigenous cultures, they used to have something called a rite of passage.

  • And that meant that you earned the next phase of your life.

  • And so this year, the idea of earning seven instead of turning seven case is going from a toddler who gets more catered to to a young man.

  • So I thought we would have three challenges for you.

  • It really starts to be about building a self esteem from the inside out.

  • One thing is, when you have real well, you have so much you can give it away.

  • And so I asked you to pick out something that's a favorite thing of yours, and we're gonna find a special place to bury it, and you're gonna give it away.

  • Then the second thing I want you to do is build a box of millions.

  • And every year you're gonna put something in it that sums up the year for you.

  • So I'm good, huh?

  • And then, lastly, one thing I learned is when a young man catches the first fish to show that they're now able to give to their community.

  • Not just get they give away their first catch.

  • You're gonna catch a fishing.

  • You're gonna give it to me and opa and we'll celebrate you.

  • So what should we start with?

  • Maybe very something special.

  • You got something already picked out.

  • A special stone case is a crystal squirrel.

  • He has so many of those crystal treasures.

  • And that's one of his favorite ones.

  • And so it's very significant to him to give away.

  • Okay, let's go get ready.

  • Alaska.

  • The last frontier All new Sundays at nine on Discovery and Discovery go.

the big plan for having Julen case.


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