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  • I know so many of you at home are still trying to get tested.

  • And those of you who do get a test we're hearing many of you are still waiting several days for results Tonight.

  • Here, we're gonna hear from many patients their symptoms, and the story is now emerging across the country.

  • Signs like this one that says no visitors.

  • Families being separated from their loved ones because of the concern, of course, of spreading the Corona virus inside the hospital tonight from the 17 year old boy who lost his life to the young wife who lost her husband just days before his 45th birthday.

  • The faces and the stories behind them from Matt Government.

  • Tonight, a 17 year old boy from outside Los Angeles has become the youngest person in the country to have died after contracting covert 19.

  • Every kid in this community, they're grounded.

  • People have got to stay home.

  • I am not going to lose another child in the city.

  • The CDC is tonight looking into the cause of the teenager's death.

  • His father, an uber driver, also infected.

  • And in San Diego, two infants testing positive and a warning from doctors tonight, so patients are coming in commonly with many different complaints but most often fever, cough and shortness of breath.

  • I think the thing that's really interesting is that patients are also coming in with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't really something that we would expect with these respiratory illnesses and across the country.

  • Chilling firsthand accounts of similarities.

  • Terry Chases in her forties and active until the virus colonized her lungs.

  • That was at the gym working out, and then fever and nausea kicked in.

  • Within days she was hospitalized.

  • Well, I've had it going on.

  • This is my 16th day now, the whole time.

  • She hasn't seen her husband and three kids.

  • He leaves food at the door.

  • I have face time with my family and my kids leave notes and little little crafts for me at the door.

  • Um, but I have not touch them or spent any time with them.

  • This entire quarantine one of the symptoms, a loss of smell, which also happened to Yvette pause.

  • But one thing that I did notice that changed.

  • I completely lost my sense of snow, and he got much worse.

  • The 30 year old Army that was hospitalized, she was released and actually felt better until the virus triggered pneumonia.

  • Finally, she says, doctors put her on an anti malarial drug called hydroxide Chloral Quinn as part of a clinical trial in Missouri.

  • Five family members you see in this picture got the virus.

  • First matriarch Jane Winehouse, then her son Jason, his brother, sister in law and Father Mike, all of them falling ill, three of them suffering pneumonia, the virus also spreading through Erica Cave, Miller's family.

  • Speaking to ABC start here Podcast, she describes the agony of losing her husband, Germaine, just days before his 45th birthday.

  • I I felt so helpless, and I'm singing like, What am I supposed to do?

  • He leaves somebody there with Lisa might be preying on him.

  • He'd need somebody there.

  • But again, I couldn't do anything.

  • Once he tested positive, doctors separated Germaine from their two kids and from Erica.

  • She never got to say goodbye.

  • Magna reporting, highlighting what so many families are going through being separated from loved ones, of course not knowing they will ever see them again.

  • And I know that we reported earlier this week here on former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, the senator, saying that she's been unable to see her husband, who's in the hospital, came down with Corona virus as well.

  • You have news on that front?

  • Yeah, he's still in the hospital tonight.

  • David.

  • He is suffering from pneumonia.

  • That's why he is still on oxygen.

  • The senator's team says that he's in good spirits doing well, and she did not contract the virus because she had been away from him for about two weeks before he got sick.

  • But like so many we spoke to, she says, the hardest thing about this disease is that physical separation from loved ones.

  • David, I'm.

  • I'm sure that's why she shared that story, knowing millions of others are about to go through the same thing.

  • Matt, Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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I know so many of you at home are still trying to get tested.


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