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  • Oh hello there. I'm Jake. I was just reading the latest issue of Curiosity Quarterly from the Curiosity Box.

  • Ya know every time I see you a part of me grows

  • What part?

  • My heart! Silly goose!

  • But that's just a DONG, something that you can do online now guys.

  • is

  • an online tool for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies.

  • There are plenty of settings but for the sake of demonstration, I'll keep it simple.

  • Click show piano to display the notes.

  • You can make chords by selecting multiple notes in the same column.

  • My favorite classical piano ballad is Mary Had a Little Lamb, so I'll perform it for you now.

  • Now spin your head 360 degrees you little owl to check out

  • where you can create your own virtual reality experience.

  • The guide page gives you instructions on how to get started.

  • You don't have to be a master VRsmith thanks tocreate your own storywhich allows you

  • to change things like the text by typing right here.

  • You can also switch the panorama image with another you find online.

  • After immersing yourself in your own VR experience, explore Mars

  • With Curiosity.

  • This interactive tool lets you learn about the different parts of the rover as well as

  • the landscape surrounding it.

  • Choosecontrol curiosityto operate it manually.

  • These numbers act as markers and if you click one, you can learn more about it.

  • For example, this hole that has a slightly smaller diameter than a dime was drilled by

  • Curiosity into a rock target calledTelegraph Peak.”

  • Isn't that curious?

  • Now dive down into murky waters with Pearl Boy.

  • Use your arrow keys or mouse to help him swim in all directions.

  • And watch as he flips around and around and around and a...whoa I'm gonna barf.

  • *barf noises*

  • Tastes like cherry.

  • There's also an option where he can row off into the horizon on a boat using WASD.

  • Now that your hearts pumping fast from all the rowing

  • Go to which is a website that uses your webcam to make this guy dance.

  • Oh yeah. You got the moves!

  • Hold your finger up to the camera until it measures your heartbeat and then watch him go.

  • But if you take your finger off, he'll stop and that will not be

  • Goo...bounce.

  • The green blob moves along until you press space and then it sticks to the ground.

  • When the next glob comes through it bounces off of the squashed one.

  • You have to disperse the goo in such a way that it causes the next one to move towards

  • the door, so you can get to the next level.

  • It's not that difficult but to do well you have to give an F…

  • About alphabet shooter, because if you don't you can't knock down this block.

  • Hold the F key and point your mouse in the direction of the bar you need to blast.

  • The longer you hold down the key the more momentum it gets.

  • As the levels progress, the obstacles become more intrusive and the odds are stacked against you

  • like Stack Tower.

  • Here you want to make sure the current block aligns exactly with the previous one.

  • This gives you a larger platform to keep stacking.

  • If they don't line up perfectly, the excess will fall off and you'll have less room

  • to pile more.

  • But if for some reason this game hasn't filled you with enough love use the

  • Finding Love interactive.

  • It transforms emotion into art and takes you through five distinct chapters of love.

  • Follow the two gems through this journey and then find out at the end, where

  • the other gem was.

  • Someone, somewhere was going through this experience with you.

  • So put it in fullscreen and wear headphones to immerse yourself completely before virtually

  • juicing

  • with Simply Smarter Juicing.

  • Choose from a selection of fruits and vegetables up here.

  • You can see their benefits like how strawberries have high fiber and help burn stored fat.

  • And spinach promotes eye health.

  • But if the apple of your eye is celery then throw it in there too ya little goose.

  • Mix it up and see the nutrition facts of your delicious and juicy, ever so juicy creations.

  • Links for all the DONGs can be found in the description below.

  • And if you need more DONGs, there's a playlist. It's right here.

  • Click the I and then you can go into the playlist.

  • Uhh now I'm gonna go do something. What am I going to do? Great question.

  • I'm gonna hammer stuff.

  • Just gonna...just gonna hammer some things.

  • I don't know what. I also have one of these babies. Uhh and as always

  • Thanks for watching. Subscribe.

Oh hello there. I'm Jake. I was just reading the latest issue of Curiosity Quarterly from the Curiosity Box.


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