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  • Charles Smith Jr acts like any other nine year old pig runs he plays.

  • But Charles isn't like the other kids.

  • He has a God given talent.

  • Meet the Reverend Charles Smith Junior.

  • Standing just four feet three inches and weighing in at £48 he may just be the youngest licensed preacher in America.

  • With his three sisters and one brother singing backup, this pint sized preacher is bringing a big message to the Rosemont Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

  • That's up a man buying again.

  • He cannot see the key.

  • Oh, the people, people drinking notice out, drink the newly sought smoke it they need to stop they they need.

  • But how did Charles find his calling at such a young age?

  • Well, according to the Smiths, it all began seven years ago when Charles Sr came home one day with a new suit for Charles Jr.

  • His parents say that whenever there son but on his new suit, he was filled with the spirit.

  • When people see him at his age, they can more see guy than anything because of a little child like that can preach with such power as he does then most people know that it comes from God.

  • As Little Charles grew older, his desire to preach grew stronger.

  • He decided he would dedicate his life to the faith, becoming a man of the cloth.

  • Ah, very young man of the cloth that would be appreciated.

  • We'll get eight years old.

  • He lies last in me Nice Reverend Jimmy Lee Edwards, pastor of the Rosemont Baptist Church, heard about this point size creature and decided to meet with the Smith family to discuss.

  • Charles is heavenly calling.

  • Talked with a child and I accident as a job.

  • I said, You sure that you've been calling to the minister?

  • God have call you in to the minute that he said Yes, I am a minister.

  • Reverend Edwards put his decision to a vote.

  • Members of his church agreed, and Charles was ready to begin spreading God's word.

  • This home video shows Charles, or should we say, Reverend Smith delivering his first sermon ever.

  • Hey, hey.

  • Being a preacher would be a tall order.

  • He just didn't know how tall.

  • We had a little box that we made for Children to stand at the water fountain, and so that particular son and we want it to the pulpit, and he was standing on the way.

  • Please cruise todo in the pulpit as it's said that that I love you.

  • I love you, too, and I got brought a game money.

  • Ask my mom, Theo.

  • But the Rev.

  • Isn't the only one in the family with talent.

  • His little sisters and brothers know how to sing a tune as well.

  • They call themselves the Stair Step Singers because they're so close in age.

  • I've never seen a young man this age preached The Gospel like he on have had numerous of phone calls, you know, wanting to get in contact with him, wanted one charge toe come down to the church when he's not in school.

  • Charles rarely watches TV.

  • He'd rather spend his time with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Charles Smith Jr acts like any other nine year old pig runs he plays.


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迎接美國一品脫大小的傳教士。 (Meet America’s Pint-Sized Preacher)

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