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  • Mr. T with no hair and a baby giving the peace sign

  • in the womb. It's episode of 39 IMG!

  • When tweety bird gets

  • old, you're gonna have this. And it's amazing how little

  • information we need to see familiar objects.

  • It's also amazing than an iPhone can fall

  • 13,500 feet from a sky diver's pocket

  • and still receive phone calls. Well, this looks safe.

  • Oh. And this looks sad.

  • Oh. This looks cool. Ohhhh. This rock

  • is sad and so is food like this pear.

  • I mean, how could you eat such sad food? Try a hot dog instead.

  • No, no, no. A hot dog, like really hot.

  • Pepperoni sweater hot. Prefer your dog to be a mouse pad?

  • Well, you might also prefer your rock paper scissors to be more complex.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is popular,

  • but there's also Pirate Zombie Monkey Ninja Robot or

  • this game which uses 15 different

  • items. And don't worry, there's also RPS25.

  • Each item has an equal chance of winning

  • and yes, there are explanations for each. If remembering 25 items is too much,

  • don't worry, there is a flash game version.

  • Here's a Middle Earth Map dress and is that Steve Buscemi on your dress or are

  • you just really saggy to see me?

  • Sorry if that came across like a pickup line. It's just

  • I mustache you a question. Can eyebrows

  • your computer? Alright, look, no more puns. At least

  • not until after the soap opera. BuzzFeed showcased some

  • unnecessary signs. "Keep off the

  • grass" and yeah, no one has to tell me that.

  • So instead, here are some famous people eating ice cream.

  • Enjoy.

  • Let's get charty. I love these two

  • huge charts. One is all about the atom, the nucleus,

  • the distances electrons are away from it, fission, fusion.

  • It's great. And here's one from National Geographic that puts our universe

  • in perspective. This graph distributes rage faces

  • according to happy, sad and degree of

  • energy. Now, you'll never use the wrong one. And these maps show the most popular

  • first

  • names by country. The greasy stain on this receipt has a man's

  • face in it. And these chairs look like they're sinking.

  • Their bottom halves have been painted as a projection like shadows,

  • so that from the right angle they come together. This

  • is the Firefox logo and this

  • is V838 Monocerotis, possibly

  • the largest star known to man. I leave you

  • with 241543903.

  • Google it, click images. Ta-da.

  • Search engines at work. You can like us on Facebook to show your friends how

  • cool you are.

  • Click here to see all 38 other episodes of IMG!,

  • in case you've missed any.

  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

Mr. T with no hair and a baby giving the peace sign


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WHAT IS THIS?? .......... IMG! #39 (WHAT IS THIS?? .......... IMG! #39)

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