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  • Hey geogropeeps. Welcome back to Flag Friday. Hope you like the Greece episode.

  • Fun little side note: Handsome Luke was actually supposed to be in that episode because he's half Greek,

  • but he was too busy and couldn't make it.

  • That's okay though. You'll see more of him in the future episodes.

  • In the meantime, we got a flag to dissect, so without further ado...

  • Alright, Greece Greece Greece; the wonder of the Balkans. Let's see what this flag is up to.

  • There's barking dogs in my neighborhood.

  • I swear...

  • The flag is made up of nine equal horizontal stripes of sky-blue, alternating with white.

  • In the upper left canton corner lies a blue square with a white cross.

  • Now, when it comes to the nine stripes,

  • There are a number of different interpretations; and none of them are absolutely set in stone or official.

  • However, here are the most popular ones.

  • The nine stripes stand for the syllables of the phrase:

  • [Thanatos],

  • which means freedom or death. some say the strives even represent the letters of the word Esta Dia or

  • freedom others might say that they stand for the nine muses the goddesses of the Arts and

  • civilization nine also traditionally being the number that symbolized greece and many might also say that the colors simply represent the sky and sea as

  • Well as the clouds and waves as greece has had a particularly strong

  • Seafaring culture for Millennia the upper Blue Box with a white cross

  • Symbolizes the Eastern orthodox church the established religion of the greek people in greece and cyprus the flag was created in the 1820s

  • But wasn't officially adopted as the nations flag until nineteen sixty-nine and prior to that

  • They just used the blue field with a white cross to represent themselves

  • Especially after all that drama with the ottoman empire and now the coat of arms

  • this one is so simple the coat of arms is just a shield or as

  • Sketching if you want the proper term I hate that word

  • it's cutting it sounds like a like a [diseased] school item pay students get out your

  • Excursions the coat of arms is just a shield with a white cross on a blue backdrop

  • Surrounded by monochrome white and blue Laurel branches on each side you already know what the cross

  • Symbolizes and the laurel wreaths typically stands for victory and honor now keep in mind

  • I didn't mention this in the grease episode the grease was actually under a few kingdoms prior to becoming a republic and back then their

  • Court of arms looks pretty crazy, but that's a little irrelevant anyway that being said

  • Geography fan mail time okay this week was weird because I got this weird package sent to me and I have no [idea]

  • Why the Kimberly-clark?

  • Company decided to send me this box. I already opened it check it out

  • female adult Diapers Kimberly-Clark

  • Why did you send this to me look at that size?

  • Large x

  • Were you saying?

  • Kimberly-Clark this has nothing to do with anything on my youtube channel white plus you guys make a bunch of different products

  • Why would you send me female adult diaper?

  • This tampons would be more useful at least I could give that to my female friends

  • I think any of my female friends would want these oh shoot so our kimberly-Clark

  • Company kudos to you for helping out women that need these but for me

  • It's useless, so this is garbage next up. I got this letter from

  • Dollar on

  • From India nepal I've been your subscribers since the argentine episode

  • I keep looking forward to the geography new episodes

  • And I'm eagerly waiting for the India episode so am [I] I live in a small town

  • Sony pot which is near our capital City Deli. Take good care of yourself?

  • I am sending you some stamps from my stamp collection. Hope you like them to look at me

  • These are really cool are these like old stamps look at that. This is cool. Thank you so much [ngo] next up

  • We got a letter from George from Florida Dear Paul. I am a seven-Year-old boy named George

  • What are your best [traveling] secrets on the back he drew Korean flag and a philippine flag I'm guessing you might be either

  • Filipino or korean or maybe both I don't know are you a mix george George?

  • I have so many travel secrets for one unless if you absolutely

  • need a big clunky item pack light number two always hang out with

  • Locals or make friends with the locals the locals know their country the best

  • They will be your best source of help during your travels number three learn some of the language

  • even if it's a country where English is incredibly prevalent still learn some of it next up is this postcard from

  • Stuttgart from Jerome cool school from Stuttgart is dead. I pronounced it right who's cusco

  • That word has a little be looking s [sounds] the beautiful city in the south of Germany home to Mercedes-Benz

  • porsche and the best beer outside of Bavaria also

  • We have the second biggest oktoberfest after munich stay cool Jerome well let's put Stuka on the map Shall

  • We this place looks cool. Go here stood calm, and finally we have this letter from mohammed and Shenyang from MalaySia

  • Some cool stuff in here ah cool another letter. There's all these cool postcards

  • There's a fishing village in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia is a typical scene of a street in penang

  • This is the Istana, Negara or national Palace and of course top sites in Kuala lumpur. Hey there Barbie

  • Hope you are well [and] reading this my very first video was your Australia episode

  • But only at Belarus and barbados did I start to watch it weekly [ah] thanks man

  • I can't wait for the MalaySia episode you, too

  • Can I I [have] included a few postcards together with this note?

  • If only you were able to go to these places instead of just having a meal in Johor Bahru

  • I know right? I only got to see one small place in Malaysia. I'd also put a little money inside the

  • Unpack it for your collection may this envelope safely reach you in Los Angeles

  • I'm fine doing good health [mohammed] and sheen 10 malaysian money is so cool-looking look at that. It's so colorful

  • I actually still have some banknotes and money from Malaysia, but I don't have any coins and the brass gold looking send coins

  • Thank you, Mohammedan chignon. So anyway. That's that interesting stuff. Thank you geographies for sending all your fan mail. I appreciate it

  • It's really awesome except for you Kimberly-Clark, and why did you send this anyway?

  • I hope you look forward to watching the grenada episode you guys rock steak will stay tuned

Hey geogropeeps. Welcome back to Flag Friday. Hope you like the Greece episode.


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