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  • Q&A Tuesday..

  • Q: Jen writes...

  • I'm a photographer and my friends and family want me to do their photos -- which is both

  • a blessing and a curse. I love to work with them, but when it comes to the money part,

  • it's so awkward. I don't like taking money from them, but they often get spots that full

  • paying clients would get. What can I do to balance and keep my relationships in tact

  • while running my business?

  • A: This is a great question Jen because many people want the special "friends and family"

  • discount.

  • So there's a few different ways to handle this but what really stood out in your question

  • was where you said this...

  • I don't like taking money from them...

  • Here's the deal, your discomfort is keeping you from being clear about your policies and

  • inviting all the awkwardness to come your way.

  • For example, this is probably how you roll:

  • Friend: How much do I owe you for taking that portrait of my Chihuahua?

  • You: Don't worry about it, we're friends. Friend: Jen! You're so jenerous!!

  • Understand this: 99% of the time people will take something for free over paying for it

  • any day of the week so it's up to YOU to set clear policies for what you do.

  • I'll tell you that in my business, some of my closest friends have paid me my full rate

  • for programs and consulting - and they've gotten amazing results with zero awkwardness.

  • Why? Because I respect my time and therefore, my friends and family do too.

  • So Jen, here are three strategies to handle the :friends and family" discount.

  • 1. Set Aside Time.

  • If you want to give special deals to family and friends, just set aside one day per quarter

  • for projects like this. This way you've got it in your scheduled and you don't feel put

  • out or like you're losing money to do it.

  • 2. Just Say No.

  • Don't do special deals girl! When friends and family want to work with you, use this

  • script:

  • I'm thrilled you want to work together. Know that I'd never expect you to hire me just

  • because of our relationship. Before we get started, make sure that I'm the person you

  • really want to work with because I don't offer a friends and family discount. If you want

  • to move ahead, here are my rates and 3 available dates.

  • Here's why this works.

  • You saidÉI'd never expect you to HIRE me. [DING DING DING around the HIRE word]

  • Using the word "hire" implies payment. See when you introduce that word, you're planting

  • the seed that they will pay even before you introduce your no friends and family discount

  • policy. This way there's no y"ou know I have to charge you" awkward moment.

  • 3. Make It Clear In Advance.

  • If you want to gift your product or service or cut a special deal, make it clear in advance

  • homie. Saying "this is my gift to you" or "this is a private offer outside of my regular

  • rates" tells people that you're giving them something of value, that not everybody can

  • get. This allows you to take a pro-active approach and avoid all the awkwardness.

  • There ya have it Jen -- three different ways to deal with the friends and family discount.

  • Hope it helps!

  • Now how about YOU, do people ask you for the "friends and family" discount? Ever have awkward

  • moments with family and friends? Related to your pricing?

  • How do you deal with it? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Q&A Tuesday..


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