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  • the air study, Alice.

  • All he ever do that open number of unclean bandit.

  • Hello, Bick.

  • Well, that's a neat intranasal headbutts.

  • The Met tears is here.

  • Martinis.

  • You know me.

  • But we're not supposed to be.

  • And the truth, though, is home.

  • May even know it sets me free and has a float it in that way.

  • It's on my brain.

  • Son of the ladder.

  • Now remain with that in a shining name.

  • I wanted to gain weight.

  • You don't get me.

  • And I did.

the air study, Alice.


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Marilys - "淚水"|半決賽|好聲音兒童|VTM------。 (Marilys - 'Tears' | Halve Finale | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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