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  • is a stealthy DONG, something you can do online now guys.

  • On you play with fractals to make cool designs like the logo of this website.

  • Adjust the number of branches created at each step of the pattern like, 3 or 4.

  • Changing the iteration value will determine the number of the set of branches.

  • So with two there's only the red and the green, but setting it up to three adds turquoise.

  • Angle one is the degree between the branches at each step while angle two is the angle

  • between each set.

  • This can be seen when setting the branch to 1 and iteration to 5.

  • When you set it to 90 degrees you'll notice it becomes a square.

  • There are plenty of other factors to play around with and it can lead you to some pretty

  • neat designs.

  • But of course this all depends on the settings of your

  • Where you can stay hip by keeping up with century-old trends like Cubism.

  • You can look through the gallery to get some inspiration if you need it.

  • And when you're ready to create, simply select different parts from these categories and move them

  • around for a masterpiece like this.

  • Spruce up the background with abstracts and then don't forget to put your signature on it

  • because you never know who might try to take credit for your work

  • Like this guy, named Marty.

  • And here's his girlfriend Donna.

  • But that's not the point.

  • You can design a person kind of like on Picasso head but more realistically.

  • Glam up your human by positioning, resizing, and angling their facial features however

  • you please.

  • The end result will be one of two things: gorgeous or super gorgeous like the landscape

  • you generate on

  • 3D musical landscapes.

  • Where you create visual representations of music using the signal strength of frequencies

  • in waveforms.

  • Drag an mp3 file between 3 and 4.5 minutes into this box and press play so it can analyze it.

  • Once it's finished extracting the data, a grid of numbers will appear.

  • ClickGenerate Landscapeand there ya go!

  • Zoom in and out, rotate it around like a drumstick to use on

  • The infinite drum machine, where no one will find out whether or not you can actually do

  • that because you use your mouse instead.

  • The three designers of the site Kyle, Manny, and Yotam played thousands of sounds

  • for a computer but did not label any of them so it wouldn't influence the outcome.

  • Instead, the computer organized it solely on what it heard.

  • And the infinite drum machine was the result.

  • As you click and drag over the different neighborhoods of sound you'll notice how they vary by

  • proximity.

  • Listen to this.

  • But when you drag it further away, the sounds will be completely different.

  • It's interesting how two sounds from completely unrelated sources can sound nearly the same

  • while sounds from the same category can be totally different.

  • As cool as this is, the noise can be overwhelming so take it down a notch with

  • Keylight.

  • Move these balls around to compose a beautiful musical piece.

  • When you put them up here, they shrink and emit a higher sound.

  • The opposite is true for a lower pitch.

  • It's fun to experiment and change it up.

  • If you're yearning for colorful dots still hasn't been filled head on over to

  • Coil.

  • A game where you have to encircle the blue dots before time's up.

  • You get more points for getting multiple orbs at once.

  • Make sure you don't cross a red one in the process because that will cause you to lose

  • points.

  • It can be difficult because as you are drawing the line the beginning of it starts to disappear.

  • But it's just a game so don't you worry about a Thing...

  • Translator.

  • Use your webcam to snap photos of whatever objects you want to know in other languages,

  • like bottle.

  • Then scroll through a variety of languages like Spanish, German, or Korean.

  • Try it with bricks, money, whatever you want!

  • Broaden your communication skills so you can travel the globe

  • Or the plasma globe.

  • Click around to move the plasma filaments around or use your finger if you're on a smartphone.

  • Links to all DONGs can be found in the description down below. There's also a playlist full of DONGs you can watch right now.

  • I highly recommend it. Subscribe to DONG for more DONGs and as always, thanks for watching.


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