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  • "I'll be rolling on a Q & A Tuesday! Rolling with you're A's and your Q's! I'm rolling

  • on this Q & A Tuesday! We're get going right now! Q & A!!"

  • Q: Today's question comes from Crystal and Crystal writes:

  • "Hi, Marie. I'm working on writing a book which will fulfill a serious void in the market.

  • However, I find myself spending my days doing more immediate things. Social networking,

  • answering emails, taking on new clients, etc.

  • The half-finished book keeps getting pushed to the backburner even though I know it's

  • the thing that's going to have the biggest impact on my career and be the most helpful

  • for my audience. Any suggestions for putting the other stuff aside and getting the book

  • done without losing momentum with my audience in the process?

  • A: Great question, Crystal! Very, very important one and I know millions of people are in your

  • situation right now. In fact, I was talking to a young lady this morning, someone here.

  • Hello! Who completely relates to this question, here's what I mean. Most people have a book

  • either in their head or it's half-finished, or it's done and it's sitting in a drawer

  • collecting dust. So we're going to handle this once and for all, right now.

  • Here are three easy strategies to help you get that sucker done without losing any momentum

  • in your business: Strategy number one, schedule it, girl! You may have heard me say this before

  • and I will say it again. If it's not scheduled, it's not real. You need to schedule clear

  • writing chunks in your calendar and treat it like a meeting where you don't answer emails

  • or take any phone calls.

  • You also need to be super hard-core about eliminating any distractions that can interrupt

  • your writing time. So quit out of any applications that ding or beep like Skype and Tweetback,

  • and Facebook, and bop, bop, bop,wop, wee, toop, toop; like that. Now if I were you,

  • I would work on writing first thing in the morning. This way the rest of your workday

  • is free to be with your clients and also continue building your audience.

  • Strategy number two, is to use the site called This site is awesome because

  • it is a free online tool that helps you continue writing without stopping each and every day.

  • You can even set it up to send you email reminders which is awesome to guilt you into finishing

  • your book.

  • Number three is my favorite strategy of all! You need to pony up and pay somebody! Here's

  • what I mean, if you find it hard to discipline yourself. You may need to actually outsource

  • your discipline. Here's what I did, when I was in the middle of writing Make Every Man

  • Want You, I was also teaching about five hip-hop classes a week.

  • I was choreographing fitness DVDs and I was also keeping my coaching practice going. So

  • I had a lot going on. So I can completely relate to what you're going through. I knew

  • that the only way I was going to actually get the book done was to hire a book coach.

  • I needed someone whose only job was to ride my ass every single week to get her chapters,

  • to review things that I was working on and make sure that the thing actually got done.

  • Trust me if you're serious about getting your book done, it's the most powerful and fastest

  • way to ensure that it actually happens. Before we wrap this up, I want to share a great quote

  • with you from Mr. David Campbell who is the founder of Saks Fifth Avenue. By the way,

  • it's a tweetable!

  • "Discipline is remembering what you want." David Campbell via @MarieForleo

  • Ooh, doesn't that one get you in the gut? Got me in the gut. Did it get you in the gut?

  • Yes. If you find yourself distracted or checking email or doing client work when you should

  • be writing, ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing right now getting me any closer to getting

  • what I really want?" If not, you better stop and get back on track.

  • Crystal, that's what I got for you. Use all these strategies and you're going to have

  • your book done and flying off the shelves in no time! Now, stop watching YouTube videos

  • and get back to work, woman! Just kidding! You can watch me all day long. Now if you

  • have your own strategies to get a book or any other passion project done, leave a comment

  • below this video.

  • Let me know how you do it. If you like this video, like it, share it with your friends,

  • share it all over the world. And, if you never want to miss another episode of MarieTV, come

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  • Tuesday. Isn't that nice? Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you next time.

"I'll be rolling on a Q & A Tuesday! Rolling with you're A's and your Q's! I'm rolling


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