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  • Here's a guy whose mouth can sound like an engine.

  • And this woman can be a human

  • car alarm.

  • But are those the best mouth noises

  • of all-time? And better yet, what happened to my beard?

  • Well, to figure out the answer to this one, you'll have to wait for 'The Key of Awesome's'

  • new music video on Thursday.

  • But don't let it distract you, ladies. Let's focus on the mouth

  • and mouth noises and the best of all time. All aboard the boat.

  • Here's an old man who can do a monkey and

  • a horse. On the aquatic side, here's

  • a dolphin woman.

  • This guy can mimic the sound of a pistol reloading.

  • And if you want something wetter,

  • this kid opens and pours a can of coke.

  • When things get awkward, call over Fletcher901

  • who can give you some great cricket noises to fill the silence.

  • Competitive whistelers

  • are incredible.

  • One of the neatest

  • whistle tricks I've seen is the ability to whistle through two or more

  • openings in your mouth, so you can make multiple tones and harmonize

  • with yourself.

  • Of course, beat boxers are some of the most famous noisemakers on YouTube.

  • Some newer clips

  • show beat boxers during dub step sounds, like Reeps One.

  • Links, by the way, to all these noises are in the description below.

  • Also worth a listen is Mastamicbeatbox.

  • And Slizzer.

  • I mean, look how much fun this guy's having. While you're jamming to that, I wanna

  • invite you into my own little

  • experiment. On Thursday, the next Vsauce video on this channel will come out at

  • exactly

  • 6 p.m. Eastern. The first 100 people to get there and comment the word

  • "Boooyerz" will get a YouTube message specially

  • from me. So you have to be there right at 6 p.m.

  • Let's see what happens.

  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

Here's a guy whose mouth can sound like an engine.


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瘋狂的拍子盒和其他嘴裡的噪音--船 (INSANE BEATBOX and Other MOUTH NOISES -- BOAT)

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