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  • We just talked about how there's

  • six transitions nowadays in a modern adult life.

  • And at each of those transitions,

  • it's good to have a moment where you, sort of, sit back

  • and you think, hey, what's coming next?

  • And so we've designed this thing we call an Odyssey Plan, which

  • is really a little bit of a misnomer

  • because we don't believe so much in planning,

  • but we believe a lot in having ideas, ideation.

  • So what an Odyssey Plan is a, sort of,

  • a brainstorm about how might my life

  • work going forward maybe five years or 10 years

  • and coming up with all of the elements that would make

  • that life rich and fulfilling.

  • And it's important to do it, because if you

  • plan for nothing, you're going to get nothing.

  • And if you aim at nothing, you're

  • going to hit nothing, right.

  • So having at least some kind of an ideation about what

  • would it be like if my life worked on this particular plan

  • and what would happen with me, my family, my friends,

  • and my career, it's a really good way to just take a moment

  • and, sort of, visualize how would my life be

  • at this transition point?

  • And we talked about the different transitions,

  • so certainly when you leave college

  • there's a big transition.

  • There's a transition in your 20s and 30s

  • when you've had your first job and maybe you

  • want to pivot and try something new.

  • There's a transition in your 50s and 60s

  • when you're thinking about moving to an encore

  • career or a new career.

  • And at each of those points, it's

  • great to have a tool like the Odyssey plan

  • to figure out, hey, what might be next.

  • It's not-- it's not a specific A equals

  • B equals C, kind of, a plan.

  • It's more of a brainstorm on how might my life unfold

  • if these things were true?

  • So there's an old expression, I think

  • it comes from Dwight Eisenhower who was a general

  • and then he became the President of the United States

  • just before Kennedy, and he was famous for saying,

  • "planning is everything, but the plan is nothing."

  • And what he meant was getting ready and planning and thinking

  • about all the possibilities, kind of,

  • gets you set up for the next stage.

  • But there's also another military expression

  • that no plan of battle survives first contact with the enemy,

  • right.

  • So no matter whatever you planned, when you actually

  • get into the field and you get it going,

  • you've got to be ready for anything.

  • We reframe that in the life design class,

  • because we aren't military as no plan for your life

  • survives first contact with reality because stuff happens,

  • right.

  • But having a plan, sort of, makes

  • you feel like you are ready to engage,

  • and so that's what we take from that quote.

We just talked about how there's


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奧德賽計劃。什麼是奧德賽計劃? (Odyssey Plans: What is an Odyssey Plan?)

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