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  • Hi friends I'm Niharika and welcome back. Are you scared of using swear words? And as

  • I said am I teaching you to use swear words? No I'm not. Well what are swear words? Swear

  • words are these offensive or bad words that are used in English especially to express

  • anger or frustration. So many people have this general tendency that when they are angry

  • or when they are mad at someone, they end up using these bad words like oh F*** or Oh

  • shit! Well we have to stop using that because these are not considered to be good words

  • in English. So in today's lesson, I'm going to help you with some alternatives to the

  • swear words. So let's get started.

  • The very first and the most common swear word that many people especially teenagers end

  • up using is the F*** word. yes the F*** word, when you are angry, when you are frustrated

  • or even when you are just not doing anything but you are so used to swearing that you end

  • up using the F*** word for anything and everything. Now if you do so, stop doing that and if you

  • have that urge of saying the F*** word, well take it back and try using these words here.

  • So the alternatives to the F*** word are fudge. So if you are angry, if you made a mistake.

  • Okay you are writing and something and you made a mistake, rather than using the F***

  • word, well try and say Oh fudge. Okay if you don't wanna use the word fudge, you have another

  • option, which is Oh freak! Okay. So maybe you are walking on the road and you see someone

  • crossing the road and he was almost about to bump into a car. So you are gonna be like

  • Oh freak, be careful. Okay many people tend to say, oh F***. Yes they do that but don't

  • use this word, try and using the words Oh fudge! Or oh freak! And many people when they

  • are extremely tired, they say uh... I am f***ing tired. So stop using that f***ing word and

  • you can say I am flipping tired, right? So even when you watch movies if the actor mentions

  • any of these words either there is a beep, beep, beep, beep or if you look at the sub

  • titles, they would never show any of these words.

  • So let's move on to another word which is commonly used by many people that is shit.

  • Oh shit! Yes have you heard that before? I'm sure you have. So oh shit! Like you break

  • something and you tend to say, Oh shit! That's broken. Stop doing that, instead of the word

  • shit, nobody likes to hear that word, nobody wants to talk about poop, right? So try and

  • using the word shoot. Oh shoot! Okay that's how you're gonna use it. Or if you are wanting

  • to use the word shit, try and using a better word for it, which is crap. Oh crap! Okay

  • that's how you can use this word.

  • Next one, what the hell? Yes have you come across that? Maybe you are at your workplace

  • and someone made a mistake in their presentation and you are like what the hell! Well again

  • it is considered to be quite an offending word. So instead of using the hell word, you

  • could use the word heck. What the heck! Sounds a little better but yes try and avoid using

  • the word hell and try to use the word, heck. What the heck! Right? Many people also say

  • bloody hell! So better words than bloody hell are bloody heck! Okay.

  • Let's have a look at another word which is damn. Yes if you watch a lot of Hollywood

  • films, you might have come across these words. Many people say like, oh damn! I gotta meet

  • this girl tonight. Oh damn! I'm late. Oh damn! I have to rush for work. So stop using the

  • word if you are and instead of using the word damn, you could use Oh dang! Or Oh darn! Again

  • if you watch movies and when the actors use the word damn, the sub titles would never

  • show this word. Instead of that word, the sub titles will show the words like dang or

  • darn. Oh darn! right, so even if you have to use this word or if you have that urge

  • of using the word damn, try to avoid it because yes it is considered to be offending and use

  • the word dang or darn.

  • Let's move on to another swear word which is son of a bitch. Oh this man, I'm so annoyed,

  • he is such a son of a bitch. Do you think that sounds good? No people are not gonna

  • appreciate if you tend to use these words. So better words to express that anger for

  • someone is son of a gun. Huh... son of a gun, this man, he is so annoying. So rather than

  • saying son of a bitch, you could use the term son of a gun.

  • Alright, let's move on to some religious swear words. Yes there are people who have a habit,

  • who also use a lot of religious swear words, uh many people do not appreciate that. Definitely

  • people are not gonna like using anything related to the God, right? So rather than using one

  • of these three swear words, i have some alternatives for you. So the first one is Oh my God! Yes

  • we do have the word God here but do not use it, okay. It's considered to be sacred.

  • So rather than saying Oh my God! Try to say my gosh. Now someone tells you a bad news,

  • Okay you don't like it. You feel that it's just terrible. So like human tendency, we

  • tend to say Oh my god! Really? So rather than saying, Oh my God! Really, try to use my gosh

  • or my goodness. They sound a little better and you would not offend anyone. So you gotta

  • be very careful when you use these words. So try to avoid them as much as you can and

  • try to use the words like my gosh or my goodness!

  • Another term that I have for you is, Jesus. Jesus, really you did that? Yes many people

  • use the word Jesus to swear which is again not a good habit. So instead of using the

  • word Jesus. You can use words like, Jeez or Geez, spelt either way, either with a J or

  • with a G and pronounced as geez. Yes so again you made a mistake, yes you can use the word

  • like geez or jeez, rather than saying Jesus.

  • Alright and then the last term that people use is Holy shit. What happened to him? Holy

  • shit! He's no more. This is another swear word which many people are not going to like,

  • are not gonna appreciate it. So what are the alternatives to this phrase? We have for you

  • Holy cow! So rather than using holy shit! You can say, holy cow! Yeah that sounds a

  • little better, isn't it? So these are some swear words, there are many more. Be very

  • cautious; be very careful when you use these words. Please tend to avoid them as much as

  • you can and try to use these words if you really have to express your anger or your

  • frustration or your surprise or shock, right? And I'll be back with a new lesson soon, till

  • then, you take care and have a great day.

Hi friends I'm Niharika and welcome back. Are you scared of using swear words? And as


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