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Hey guys, welcome back this is Bernardo from the BTNHD and what is TikTok?
seriously what is it okay so
It's a teen app that's becoming super popular very fast TikTok is so popular that during
the 2020 Super Bowl a commercial aired advertising the product.
So what is TikTok?
It's another video sharing application that allows people to post videos and use popular
soundtracks with Snapchat style filters, like morphing your face and creating intriguing
visual effects on your phone.
People can follow other accounts and create feeds on new content from creators that they
enjoy the most.
It's an ongoing cycle and creating content it also has a for you feed with random videos
from others that offer endless new stuff to watch, which makes TikTok very addictive.TikTok
is an intriguing video platform becoming very popular with today's teenage generation.
I got sucked into this TikTok thing during one of the practice When I was ending a track
and field practice for Benswic, and a group of kids had a phone I was I thought they was
instagramming or doing something crazy with Twitter or whatever or vine and they had music
in the back and they were dancing all crazy.
And I asked one of the athletes what they were doing and they told me that was using
TikTok and she broke it down to me and I looked at her feed and she was like getting all these
hits and likes I was like, wow, this is pretty exciting.
So overall, you guys got to understand like come on.
It has everything to satisfy our lives and making us love,laugh, hate, participate and
judge others in one centralized app. one nice thing about TikTok is that allows new content
creators with small followings to have a voice and become viral stars out of nowhere overnight.
And that's it guys.
That is what TikTok is all about.
It allows you to share videos to your followers and your followers are allowed to add more
silly stuff and top of your content non stop sharing videos and just acting crazy and hopefully
you guys enjoy this video leave comments below.
I do have an account.
It is TikTok/BTNHD I will add like a little subtitle right here.
I haven't added anything yet so hopefully I will and make sure you guys follow me on
that and I'll catch you guys on the next one oh before you guys leave make sure to hit
that like button.
Subscribe and share about the video and catch you guys on the next one.
Peace out!


What Is TikTok? | Explained!

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