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  • Hello.

  • My name is Kevin and I've been thinking a lot about Kirby.

  • What is the most effective way to pile Kirby on top of Kirby?

  • There's only one way.

  • Kirby Adventure Stackable mini figure.

  • And I figure you might as well illuminate that Kirby tower with the Kirby star lamp

  • because This Is Game LÜT.

  • You don't need Nine Inch Nails to check out PrettyHateMachining.

  • Custom metal-based fabrication including Guts Dragonslayer sword from Berserk, Cloud's

  • Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII and a one third scale replica of the Iron Throne

  • from Game Of Thrones.

  • For a Throne occupied by a cosmic energy devouring Titanian Eternal there's this ridiculous

  • Thanos Maquette.

  • Standing or sitting over 20 inches high, Sideshow Collectibles painstakingly recreacted the

  • omnipotent villain right down to the gems in his Infinity Gauntlet.

  • Silver Surf your way to Hyrule by wearing The Legend Of Zelda Boss Key Necklace - complete

  • with gift box and chain Link.

  • Link your hand to a Piranha plant by cramming it up the warp pipe of the Super Mario Piranha

  • Plant Hand Puppet.

  • Which doesn't shoot fireballs but you don't need fire flower power to turn on the Game

  • Boy Heat Change Mug.

  • Officially licensed to save Daisy with every cup of coffee, tea or Necrophage oil?

  • Wait no.

  • Apply that to your sword to boost your attack against this Witcher III Drowners T-shirt.

  • No need to Wild Hunt for your Pokémon of choice when you choose your own pet.

  • Stephanie hand draws and custom prints a Pokémon card of your non-human loved one and then

  • sends you digital versions and the physical one.

  • Obi Wan with the dark side by forcing on this absurdly accurate Darth Vader helmet.

  • Or just wear his Life system controls.

  • You know what?

  • Just Luke exactly like Anakin with this meticulously studied and excruciatingly recreated Darth

  • Vader costume ensemble.

  • AHH! What a sentence!

  • Then C3P all of these awesome shadow box creations by Decor8Bit

  • Pssst….Hey….can you keep a secret Zelda floor passage decal somewhere in your home

  • dungeon?

  • So you can escape chores without a Tracer Hoodie and Leggings.

  • But don't overwatch the physical special edition of Hyper Light Drifter on PS4 because

  • it's limited to 9,000 copies and will sell out faster than a spherical droid separating

  • slices like the BB-8 pizza cutter.

  • Cut Switch screen scratches out of your life by importing the Nintendo Switch front cover

  • - available in blank or pink.

  • Pink up a Pokémon egg plushies which are handmade and oh so soft and fuzzy.

  • And get fizzy with Playstation Symbol Fizz socks so your feet know which buttons to push.

  • Which I assure you is not psycho it's...psychonauts. These figurines.

  • available in one buck blind boxes or just be double fine and get them all for ten smackaroos.

  • Alright so what am I playing now? Well since we last saw each other here on Game Lüt

  • I did finish The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Absolutely loved it. Might be my favorite

  • 3D Zelda. Don't tell anyone. Ocarina of Time, sorry.

  • Since then, I have moved on to Nier Automata for the PS4. This game is amazing. I can't even believe that this was made.

  • I don't know if you have heard of the original Nier. I loved this over on the PS3. Kind of a cult classic game.

  • But really unique. Really weird. Beautiful music.

  • Blends a ton of genres. So there's RPG elements. There's action elements.

  • There's shoot 'em up elements. It's like they just got into a board room meeting and said

  • "Hey wanna just put all of the different types of games together?" And they said yes.

  • Yes we do. We'll call this Nier. So check these games out if you haven't.

  • What have I picked up recently that is a little obscure?

  • Black Sigil. Have you heard of this game? Have you played this? This is a JRPG

  • on the Nintendo DS. Has a complete SNES RPG vibe to it. I popped it in last night just to check it out for a little bit

  • but if you've played this let me know what you think of that. So let me know what you think of Nier.

  • Nier Automata. Black Sigil. Let me know what you think of egg salad. It's divisive.

  • Okay. And as always, thanks for watching.



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