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  • Hey guys, what's up?

  • Ethan here from RealLife English with another kick-ass learn English with music lesson for you

  • I think you're really going to dig this week's lesson you're going to love it because

  • It is here by popular request. Are you ready?

  • That's right

  • this week's song is a classic from the Beatles and

  • Although the Beatles are British this song actually is a really great way for you to practice your "American T" and "glottal stop T"

  • I'm not exactly sure why the Beatles song sounds quite American, but there you go and

  • The song was a little bit hard to explain at times because it is very full of metaphors

  • That are quite open to interpretation by the listener so I tried to bring you some good insight

  • By doing some research online and also just from some of my own

  • interpretations based on the lyrics

  • And I would love to hear what do you think this song is about just comment below?

  • after listening to this lesson

  • Alright guys without any further ado let's jump in. Aww Yeah!!

  • To find oneself

  • this expression means to suddenly encounter oneself in a certain state or

  • situation that was probably unexpected

  • although this can mean to not interfere with something or

  • what someone is doing.

  • In this case it is used more as a slang expression

  • which would probably be more common in British English than American English

  • This expression is not very common, but for the sake of the song it means a period of depression or suffering

  • This could also be considered nighttime

  • Whisper. This is to speak softly or secretly in this song it probably refers more to speaking quietly

  • So when you are doing something with someone, and then you leave them, you could also say that you are parting them

  • But it can also refer to someone dying. It's up to discussion which definition would be correct in the song

  • This has several definitions, but in the song it means probability

  • cloudy

  • This is another definition which is up for interpretation in the song?

  • This is a phrasal verb meaning to stop sleeping

  • although many people

  • Interpret this as being the Virgin Mary

  • Jesus's mother from Christianity

  • Paul McCartney is actually referring to his own mother whose name was Mary

  • She died when he was a young child so much of this song is about her

  • When you use right plus a preposition it emphasizes the proximity

  • So when you say something is right in front of you

  • It means it is directly in front of you in contrast to being somewhere in the general direction in front of you

  • Similarly you could say right behind you right next to you

  • it is similar to the expression every cloud has a silver lining I

  • this most likely is Paul McCartney saying that he is able to arise

  • with inspiration because he is a musician so he is able to come out of a dark time and still create music about it

  • Hey guys, just a short interruption from the lesson before we jump into pronunciation

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  • So now let's jump back into the lesson and learn all about the pronunciation from let it be

  • Hey guys, I'm back. I hope that you enjoyed learning with the Beatles. I know a lot of you

  • had wanted to see something that was not new so there you go

  • And I just wanted to wrap this up to end this video by

  • by actually sharing with you a bit more of the meaning from what I found online

  • but first what I would like you to do is press pause and

  • go down in the comments and write. What do you think that this song is about

  • before I actually tell you what I found online

  • Are you ready?

  • Alright are you back did you write what you think below?

  • So what I found through my research was that this song is actually based on a dream that Paul McCartney had

  • Where his mother came to him and told him the words let it be

  • this was very meaningful to Paul because his mother died when he was very young and

  • some other insights that I saw about it was that it may have perhaps come at a difficult period in

  • Paul McCartney's life when the Beatles were actually breaking up so only Paul knows for sure

  • But I hope that helps you to understand the lyrics a little bit better

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  • It's super easy. Alright guys. I look forward to seeing you soon now go out there and kick ass with your English

  • Aww Yeah

Hey guys, what's up?


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