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  • Hey, it's Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

  • and life you love. So check this out. A few weeks ago on the set of MarieTV, Michelle

  • was talking about how much she loves Uber, the on demand car service that lets you book

  • a ride with your phone, and she said something uber fascinating. Listen to this:

  • Not only does Uber let its customers rate their drivers, but it also lets its drivers rate

  • its customers.

  • That means if you're that drunk a-hole that pukes in the back of the car, or you're somebody

  • who makes your driver wait for evs, they can refuse to pick you up. So this really got

  • me thinking how technology may be shifting the playing field and challenging the age old

  • assumption that the customer is always right.

  • Now as a business owner how loves to give great over the top customer service, I will

  • tell you that 99.9% of our customers are total stars. They are angels and we love them so

  • much it hurts. However, .1% of those customers who happen to sneak through our doors are total

  • pitas.

  • Now if you think I'm talking about this unleavened hollowed out bread that you get with your

  • falafel, look pita up in the urban dictionary, and make no mistake. We bend over backwards

  • to shower our pitas with love.

  • Eventually we do show the pitas that we feel by kindly but firmly showing them the door,

  • and I'm not being callus here, but when we go over and behind to deliver outstanding

  • customer service and these people still behave completely disrespectfully to my team, I'm

  • not having it, which brings me to my point. How can the idea of customer ratings help

  • us be better customers, or put a different way, and this is our first ever tweetable

  • question:

  • "Does thinking the customer is always right make you act all kinds of wrong?"

  • To help you answer that, here are the top three moves that make all of us ultimate pitas.

  • Top pita move #1 -- Me No Read

  • Not reading is the number one move that turns all of us into pitas and I got to admit, sometimes

  • I do it and it always comes back to bite me in the butt, whether it's terms of service

  • or guarantees or e-mail instructions, honestly ask yourself "how many times do you just

  • not read?" Just because the print is small or there's a lot of it doesn't mean it's

  • not your responsibility to read it, and these days, it's rarely that small. Why? Because

  • companies want you to read their policies. They don't want to have an argument with

  • you, they don't want you to come and say "I didn't know I only had ten days to

  • return this," and then they have to point you to the thing that you checked off and

  • said "Yeah, I've read your policies."

  • Top pita move #2 -- Me No Pay

  • This is the worst and can be especially bad if you sell digital products and offer payment

  • plans. Some customers just stop paying and seems to completely ignore the fact that they're

  • basically stealing.

  • A related pita move is making someone come after you for the money. Anytime you make

  • somebody chase you down for the money you volunteered to pay, you're compounding the

  • stealing by robbing them of their time.

  • Top pita move #3 -- Just Bein' a Beeyotch

  • This one really fires me up. There is no reason for any of us to be cruel to each other ever.

  • You got to ask yourself, do you ever forget that there's a real live human being on the

  • other side of the phone or the e-mail exchange of even the coffee counter. Do you roll your

  • eyes? Do you throw a tantrum? Do you do things that you would never do in the presence of

  • someone that you respect? Really think about it, because the truth is if we want better

  • service, maybe it's time for us to be better customers. You got to yourself, if you knew

  • that your customer behavior could get your blacklisted by companies, and that day might

  • be coming, how would that change your behavior?

  • One a scale of 1 -- 10, one being that you are the ultimate pita, 10 being you are a

  • super star customer, how would you honestly rate yourself right now? If you're anything

  • less than a 7, what is one change that you can make to be a better customer? I'm really

  • interested to hear your thoughts on this one, so leave a comment below.

  • As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at so go

  • there and leave a comment now.

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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special

  • gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you next time

  • on MarieTV.

Hey, it's Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business


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