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  • Show yourself some love with narcissistic notebooks that prompt you to write things such aswhy

  • you are cleverorreasons why you're awesomelike the fact that you're so

  • fiscally responsible with your

  • Emergency Money Box because this is LÜT.

  • Give life to your own prehistoric friend with this hatching dinosaur candle.

  • Just light the wick for a raptor revelation.

  • Don't be dinoSORE if it's too dark to see. Let there be light with the Handbag light

  • that has a motion sensor and activates when you need extra illumination to find

  • that wallet, which you will peppero-need to purchase this

  • Pizza towel!

  • It's five feet in diameter so it's perfect for sharing with friends.

  • If you really love pizza but don't know how to show it, this product can be your

  • method of self espresso

  • machine that's portable.

  • This tiny caffeinated miracle weighs less than a pound and doesn't require electricity

  • so you can hike the highest mountain and still have a delectable cup of joe.

  • Just donut forget your mug.

  • A multipurpose cup with a little slot to store and warm your tasty pastry so you can have

  • a delicious and energizing meal to prep for your expertly planned bike ride

  • The Hammerhead navigation device clips onto the front of your bicycle and syncs to your

  • smartphone.

  • It lights up to indicate when you need to turn in a certain direction.

  • Allowing you to focus on your journey without the dangerous distraction of a cell phone

  • as you maximize your gluteus maximus.

  • Butt

  • What about my arms?

  • Say hello to the

  • ARC energy machine which helps perfect your push-up.

  • It supports your chest and feet so you have correct form with every rep.

  • What a workout.

  • Let's relaxout in the

  • Garden igloo where you can enjoy the great outdoors while remaining inside this transparent

  • structure.

  • It's easy to assemble and is over seven feet tall (or 2.2 meters) so don't cry there's

  • room for your bonsai.

  • This gift box has four packets of seeds, five pots, and instructions on how to grow the

  • tree so you have time to contemplate with

  • the slow life challenge,

  • a deck of cards with a new challenge every day to promote relaxation and well-being.

  • It's designed to help you separate home life from work life and your yolks from your whites.

  • Oh wait no I'm thinking of the

  • Mr. Sniffles Disgusting Egg Separator which features egg whites dripping out of nostrils.

  • But if you want more than yolk without going broke check out these

  • Avocado huggers.

  • Silicone cups fit half an avocado to create an airtight seal for longer lasting fruity

  • freshness.

  • Wait are avocados a fruit or a vegetable?


  • That's bloody amazing.

  • Blood bath shower gel.

  • Gross.

  • Zombie blood shower gel.

  • Grosser.

  • Toast And Jam Bodywash?

  • That sounds delicious.

  • Get clean to the sounds of your shower radio which syncs via bluetooth so all the water

  • that would have given you a soggy cell phone can be used to clean your canine with

  • The Woof Washer 360.

  • It's ring-shaped and fits around any sized dog.

  • The water and soap mix instantly to lather your dog from head to paw for a thorough and

  • effortless bath.

  • Then make a splash with these

  • Spitballs which can inflate to 200 times their original size.

  • The bigger they get the larger the aqua explosion.

  • Now dive into polar paradise with this

  • aquatic wallpaper.

  • If you mistake it for a real bear don't worry because when it comes to mistakes you

  • can always van Gogh EARase them.

  • And as always, thanks for watching.

Show yourself some love with narcissistic notebooks that prompt you to write things such aswhy


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用披薩包裹自己-- LÜT (Wrap Yourself In Pizza! -- LÜT)

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