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  • Hi I'd like a tall non-fat frappuccino with caramel drizzle and the name is Kevin.

  • Here ya go, Bevin. No!!!!!

  • Thank goodness for these personalized starbucks cups that you can customize with the color of your choice

  • and your actual name.

  • It's reusable and saves you 10 cents on future Starbucks drinks.

  • Oh my gosh that's a latte noise!

  • What is it?

  • It's the desktop drum set that's small enough for your work space because this is Lüt!

  • Shine like the work of art you are in this Rainbow Foil Tee designed by Brooklyn-based artist,

  • Hisham Bharoocha.

  • Wow you really standout in this but if you'd rather…?

  • There's the Anti-flash Signature Half Zip Hoodie.

  • When you unzip it the flash is drawn to the material inside of the sweatshirt rendering

  • the rest of you invisible.

  • Who where'd you go?

  • I CAT FelINeD you!!!!

  • Oh there you are in that

  • Space Cat shirt.

  • And just like space the number of different space cat items you can buy is infinite.

  • Phone cases, art prints, and stickers as well!

  • So by infinite I mean four.

  • Infournite.

  • But for more PAWsome art check out this

  • My Cat doesn't like it at all when I put him on my face and pretend to be batmanposter.

  • While we're decorating get coordinated and caffeinated with this

  • Coffee First poster, which also comes as a carry-all pouch, throw pillow, and mug.

  • Want to gift this to a coffee cohort but need the perfect packaging?

  • WHALE let me tell you about

  • Animal gift wrap that includes paper, stickers and cut-outs to make a mouse, fox, elephant,

  • and many more.

  • And I ain't LION.

  • But I am hungry so hello

  • Pancake batter crayon, the tool I've needed all my life to mix my love of food and art.

  • If you don't want a pancake and you've got a batter idea never fear because schmear

  • is here.

  • With the bagel and cream cheese making kit.

  • Rope, loop, and boil a dozen bagels from scratch.

  • Keep it simple or spice it up for an boast-worthy breakfast.

  • In fact, you're so accomplished I'm presenting you with the World's Best Bagel Making aSWORD

  • for barbecuing that also comes with this mask so you can look like Zorro as you skewer some

  • sizzling meat to eat using

  • Reusable Trongs that you put on your fingers to pick up hot food.

  • Just slip them on, locate your steamy food, and clamp.

  • And stamp!

  • No wait I'm thinking of the Can Stamp,

  • a neat little device that imprints patterns or words into tin cans.

  • Such as smilies, waves, orTaken.”

  • Take the temperature of your beverage down a few ticks using

  • Ice cubes from this stone cold ice tray or this coolamari ice tray or with some nice

  • frozen smiles.

  • Okay that's gross.

  • Someone's teeth in my water?

  • I need some spaceman USB Light.

  • If you do astroNOT want to wake without a forecast

  • The projection alarm clock gives you the weather.

  • You'll hvae temperature, hygrometer and barometric pressure right at the tip of your

  • Severed zombie hand mount which sticks to your windshield and holds your phone.

  • Well that's handy

  • Now let's get footy and skate

  • on your carpet with these sliders that you strap on your feet to glide across the land,

  • in your house. So, the floor.

  • So you can finally skate without ice.

  • Because let's face it 32 degrees can be farenHARD to come by. Please forgive me

  • I Make Horrible Science Puns but only periodically.

  • And as always, thanks for watching.

Hi I'd like a tall non-fat frappuccino with caramel drizzle and the name is Kevin.


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