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  • [Michael:] Jake!

  • Yeah?

  • [Michael:] I just saw Rihanna, walking outside.

  • [Jake:] Outside... Oh, Rihanna. Oh, Rihanna!

  • [Michael:] Okay, I'm Michael Stevens, and Rihanna is not walking around outside.

  • But that's gonna keep Jake busy for a while.

  • He left his laptop unattended

  • Let's freak him out.

  • Here is some things that you can Do to unattended laptops that are Online Now Guys.

  • D.O.N.Gs

  • Cause a mild disturbance with

  • There's a variety of different update screens to pick from, including

  • Steam, Mac, and of course,

  • Windows 98. Ahh yes, Windows ninety eight

  • Hit Command + Shift + F, or F11 to make it full screen and then just sit back and enjoy the nostalgic panic

  • You see, hitting the escape key doesn't work.

  • And if they button-mash the keyboard, it even comes up with a free Blue Screen of Death.

  • Terrifying.

  • Once they have left to get the IT guy to come fix it.

  • Keep the nostalgia going with

  • Reminiscent of the early days of the world wide web

  • This site seems to serve little

  • function other than burn off your retinas.

  • That caused a little bit of "Panic at the ...


  • Your victim will come back to find their computer

  • has thrown a party in your absence

  • A brief interloop now for the republique des mangues

  • [Music]

  • is ... evil.

  • But the idea is pretty clever.

  • It requires your victim to already be logged in Instagram on their desktop

  • Now, briefly give likecreeper the keys for the desired Instagram account.

  • And it will troll through their friends really, really old photos, and randomly like one of them

  • The result being that person think your victim is a teeny weird.


  • But of course, pranking your friend or your work buddy isn't just limited to websites,

  • If you have a little bit more time to cook the perfect s... [Phone rings] Hello?

  • Jake found Rihanna [Surprised Laughter]

  • These selfies are... Look the point is there are also Google Chrome Extensions

  • He won't be back for a while [Laughs]

  • We all remember the rage that was nCage, the classic extension which changes all Chrome images to...

  • [Speaker shouting:] And his name is John Cena! [Animated Music]

  • If you want to play the long game, install Cenafy

  • a plugin that at random intervals drop your favorite WWE wrestler into the mix

  • You never know when you are gonna get some attitude adjustment

  • The April First Prank Toolkit has been causing chaos for years, but there are some subtle ways to fool your victim.

  • There are a few great Word Replacement plugins available.

  • xkcd is a great list of recommended list of word substitutions you can employ

  • to make reading the news more enjoyable

  • Lucky for us, there is an extension for that, so you can switch them all at once,

  • And let the accusations of slack journalism run over from your confused victim

  • But the victims won't be able to read too much because you already removed all the scroll bars

  • All the link for the sites and extensions are in the description below, so go check those out

  • But before using them, make sure that you know how to turn them off

  • And as always, thanks for watching

  • [Music]

[Michael:] Jake!


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