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  • Hey I'm Kevin and I'm so glad to be here because life without you is just Bleh

  • Doll.

  • A cute little guy that when you squeeze it, you never know what might come out.

  • Psst! It's his tongue. Which looks like it could use a little robotic taste activation

  • courtesy of Salt and pepper shaker robots because this is LÜT.

  • Clear your schedule for the world's first colorless coffee called...Clear Coffee.

  • How do they make this?

  • Well, it's. “made from Arabica beans and pure water, and produced by methods which

  • have never been used before.”

  • Okay, so the way they make clear coffee is muddy but it only has 4 calories so you can

  • save

  • That walk around the exercise block toy for another day.

  • Now rest up with...

  • Bedlight!

  • A bright solution to smashing-into-walls-trying-to-find-the-light switch-induced concussions.

  • Its motion sensor activates the five foot LED strips when you get out of bed -- illuminating

  • the room from beneath your previously bland box spring.

  • So you can radiantly rest up for

  • Shooting your alarm clock.

  • Singeek Lock n' Load is a surefire way to wake you up since you have to aim to turn

  • it off.

  • To snooze, nail it five times but if you're alert enough for target practices you might

  • as well hope in the shower with

  • 3D Soap Foam Pen.

  • Simply add liquid soap to the plastic base and start creating fabulous foam formations.

  • It comes with decoration items like eyes, ears, noses, and more so you can scientifically

  • celebrate at your artwork with the Lab Cocktail set.

  • Featuring test tubes and beakers to majestically mix and deliver delicious drinks but until you fill them up

  • they're

  • Hollow...Face of Einstein Illusion.

  • This painted puzzling toy never appears to be concave even when that part is facing you.

  • Our brains are programmed to know that faces are convex so even when we aren't looking

  • at that side, we fill it in and see what isn't there.

  • But ya now what is there? What?

  • Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit.

  • Which includes eleven different luminescent experiments to feed your brain with like learning

  • how fireflies glow or making a penny glow.

  • It's glow fun, easy, and as multifunctional as

  • Hideez Key.

  • This small square can be used to unlock doors and securely keep your passwords in one place.

  • It can even fill in your passwords for you.

  • It's safe because only your alluring eyes make it usable.

  • Also it alerts you if you leave it behind because you need it as much as it needs U...SB

  • DIY collection.

  • This shop features a plethora of cute little flash drives you can take apart and put

  • back together.

  • Monkeys, Penguins, Ninjas....lend me your ears.

  • For Animal Earrings.

  • From this ferret, to this pug, and all the way to this hungry hippo, you'll light up

  • the room like

  • Dinosaur 3D optical LED Illusion Lamp.

  • With eight changeable colors to get your prehistoric eye candy action on.

  • Lampeez also have other designs for illusion lamps but if you need a more mythical creature

  • hop on over to the Unicorn Hopper.

  • Which thankfully comes with a pump so you don't have to waste your precious breath.

  • If you think bouncing around on this thing is childish, I'd like to point out that

  • it does indeed come in an adult size so no need to hate when you can decorate with

  • Pattern Rollers.

  • Thanks to these you don't have to be trained in the art of intricate ornamentation because

  • ya just dip it in paint and roll it along the wall and it looks pretty.

  • Oh these would just look gorgeous next to my

  • Unfathomably unclogged defecation dungeon with Pongtu Toilet Disposable Sticker Plunger.

  • Seal it tight over the bowl, push it down, and watch as all your breathtaking business

  • is freed.

  • Okay this is actually gettign a little gross so...I'll just go.

  • I guess

  • Alpaca Bag.

  • Links to all LÜT in the description below, click here for a playlist for more LÜT...and

  • as always, thanks for watching.

Hey I'm Kevin and I'm so glad to be here because life without you is just Bleh


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隱形咖啡?-- LÜT (Invisible Coffee? -- LÜT)

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