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  • Hey I'm Jake and

  • if you are a person who is alive and with access to the internet you've probably

  • heard of theoddly satisfyingtrend.

  • Now if you go into Youtube right now which you currently are on because you're watching this video and type in oddly satisfying, your page will be filled with things like

  • slime, or people cutting kinetic sand with a knife, to perfectly glazing a cake.

  • These are just a few of the things that make us feel good for what seems like no apparent

  • reason. But there probably is and we'll probably talk about that later in the video.

  • So, without further adieu, here are some oddly satisfying DONGs, things you can do online

  • now guys.

  • Before we start I'd like to point out that Oddly Satisfying has turned from a DONG to

  • a DONG.

  • From a do online now guys to a do offline now guys because there's an Oddly Satisfying

  • Spa.

  • It combines oddly satisfying videos in VR with the element of physical touch.

  • But I can't take you all there right now. One day I will. So let's get back to the DONGs instead of the DONGs.

  • First off, there is the oddly satisfying subreddit. It's one of my favorite subreddits.

  • And I mean just look at this.

  • But let's get interactive.

  • Check out this virtual bubble wrap.

  • Or this one.

  • Or this one. Really whichever one you go with is great.

  • Because popping feels so good.

  • And your not the only one who thinks it!

  • Go ahead do it. Do it right now!

  • You know you want to.

  • *popping sound*

  • Oh yeah! That feels good. Popping bubble wrap is thought to affect the

  • brain the way fidgeting does.

  • These small movements release muscle tension which reduces the feeling of stress.

  • The focus and repetition of the popping can also lull you into a meditative state.

  • Also, popping the bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap is a series of releasing pressure.

  • Whether real or in this case simulated it still causes the brain to release dopamine

  • and norepinephrine also known as the feel good chemicals that explain why this bubble

  • wrap makes us feel good.

  • Along the same lines, you've probably seen some of the oddly satisfying slime videos.

  • And who doesn't like a nice viscous fluid.

  • And if you're anything like me, ya just don't don't have a bucket of slime around

  • when you need one.

  • Right Hannah?

  • Yeah.

  • Right.

  • But there's an app for that.

  • You can even add glitter like the glileijwfoiejefwfkaopekfls

  • Another source of our satisfaction can come from symmetry.

  • Look at this perfect breakfast.

  • Doesn't that just make you feel things you've never felt before?

  • A reason for this is because in the real world many things are symmetrical and if they are we assume that they're fine

  • and healthy.

  • For example, a human from the outside.

  • Look at me.

  • I have two ears, two eyes, two arms, a nose in the middle of my face.

  • If I looked like this. AHH!

  • Your brain might be like WHOA JAKE!


  • When things are asymmetrical they signal to us that something is wrong even

  • if it might not actually be wrong.

  • Just what our mind is telling us.

  • This follows us through life and I'll show ya how right now.

  • The Kanizsca triangle looks like this.

  • What do you see?

  • Well many people claim to see a white triangle that is brighter than its surroundings.

  • But the truth is, there are no circles or triangles in this illusion.

  • One theory as to why is that maybe our brains desire to see symmetry.

  • We want to believe we are seeing nice symmetrical circles but we're not.

  • We're seeing what look like paceman shapes but our brains lied to us.

  • I actually go to detail on this triangle in the latest issue of the Curiosity Box magazine

  • that comes in the Curiosity Box. Link down below if you wanna get your own.

  • Now, we really like symmetry.

  • If you want to feel that sweet steamy symmetrical satisfaction play with kaleidoscope painter.

  • No matter what you do, it will keep things symmetrical.

  • I can do this.

  • And this.

  • And what about this.

  • Oh boy my satisfaction is sky high.

  • Another thing thought to bring us satisfaction is finding order in all the disorder around us.

  • So with that I will leave you with this sweet beautiful blissful traffic simulator.

  • Set to the haunting beautiful sounds of Jake Chudnow.

  • Links to all the DONGs are in the description below.

  • Or you can click here for a playlist of DONGs.

  • Stay beautiful. Good night. And as always, thanks for watching.

Hey I'm Jake and


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