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  • Hello I'm Kevin and I want to eat an illusion.

  • Specifically something like looks savory but is actually sweet.

  • Like...

  • Chocolate Egg and Bacon on Toast which would deceptively bring out an identical flavor

  • in

  • Chocolate brussel sprouts.

  • The chocolaty way to pretend you're eating your vegetables but if you think that smells

  • fishy cover it up with a dachshund farts candle because this is LÜT.

  • Don't wallow in despair, wallow in wall art.

  • Scroll through a massive selection of wall-decals and then choose among charming enchantment

  • like this old lady with an inhaler or spiders.

  • Nothing says hospitality quite like a giant dust mite to greet parched party guests who

  • can sip libations through

  • Slinky Drinks Gummy Worm Straws.

  • They're sneakily simple to use.

  • Just put one end in your mouth and the other end in your drink but if it's tough for you

  • to remember traditional drinking protocol then remeMO

  • Apple pad, an inedible platform that can be used to draft dry designs unlike

  • AquaNotes.

  • If you get your best ideas in the shower. Don't we all? Then this waterproof notepad is for you.

  • Water simply beads up and falls off.

  • You can even write on it while it's being soaked.

  • So if you're a writer who just needs some shelf-discipline check out

  • Urban shelf.

  • If you're anything like these people then bedtime bedlam is nothing new to you.

  • Slide it underneath your bed, or other pieces of furniture.

  • Now you can set your things down and retrieve them without chaos.

  • Get a good night sleep and wake up to a morning cup of coffee contained in the

  • Before and After 5 Drinking glass.

  • It serves as a holder for your cup of joe in the morning and your uhhh grape juice at

  • night.

  • If you even dare to suggest that this isn't grape juice, zip it like

  • Zipbuds.

  • These earbuds glow in the dark and not only look cool, but provide a practical purpose

  • by preventing them from tangling in knots.

  • For another listening gadget that won't tie you up use

  • Disc Jock-e.

  • This frisbee has bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to all of

  • your favorite tunes.

  • So you can stay physically active by rigorously dancing like this girl, and this guy, and all of

  • these fun party animals.

  • Now that you've caught wind of musical sports gear, harness that wind with

  • Turbine Science Kit.

  • It converts wind energy to electrical energy used to power an LED or motor.

  • You can even measure the voltage.

  • Hey excuse me does anyone have the wind TurTIME?

  • No?

  • Well the perpetual calendar at least has the date.

  • Yes, this circle thing is actually a calendar.

  • Adjust the month by moving the red ball along the arch and the days by placing the black

  • ball along the timeline.

  • Wow.

  • This is SUPER

  • Nova Sphere.

  • A calming ball that emulates supernovas in space.

  • It has four lighting effect modes and color patterns in red, green and blue.

  • But don't be blue about boring eyelashes when you have

  • Eyelash jewelry.

  • For the most breathtaking blinks, adorn summer dandelions, snowmen, and even bubble baths

  • on your eyeballs.

  • Leave normal body hair for your back

  • But then remove it with mangroomer, which can also be used by woMANs.

  • Basically as long as you have a hairy back and you would like to not have a hairy back

  • then this is for you.

  • With an extendable handle so you don't have to contort yourself to achieve hairlessly

  • smooth perfection.

  • BACKcause let's face it, wet fur is fur your dog

  • Or is it?

  • The dog umbrella stylishly snaps onto the leash and turns dripping dogs into comfortable

  • canines.

  • Even this fake dog is happy or should I say barky?

  • Yes!

  • Yes I should say barky!

  • Becauseseven days without a pun makes one weak

  • Links to all of the Lüt can be found in the description below.

  • Click here for a playlist of more

  • episodes of Lüt. And as always, thanks for watching.

Hello I'm Kevin and I want to eat an illusion.


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巧克力蔬菜?-- LÜT (Chocolate Vegetables? -- LÜT)

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