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  • Hey I'm Jake and Michael Stevens isn't here right now. Where is he? Nobody knows but ya know what I feel?

  • I feel

  • Which is a DONG. And if you are feeling sad because Michael Stevens isn't currently in your life

  • Well guess what, fill that sadness with DONGs, things you can do online now guys.

  • Explore the moon phases and libration in the year 2017 on this NASA website.

  • Type in the month, day, and hour to see that on January 5th the moon was only 41.5% visible

  • but on August 7th it will be 99.5% visible.

  • There's even a cool video that takes you through the phases of the moon this year at

  • hourly intervals.

  • Now we can switch from science to the arts by

  • Exploring a map of art pieces grouped by visual similarity.

  • Take a guided tour if you'd like, but as Pablo Picasso once told me personally, “The

  • chief enemy of creativity is good senseso I'll be exploring freely.

  • Here we have heaps of art to scroll through and learn about.

  • Let's look

  • Maybe over here?

  • Naw.

  • Oh here we go, this one feels relatable somehow.

  • What's it called?

  • Oh...Well I'll read about it anyways.

  • Estúpidoswas created in Portugal by Robert Panda.

  • He creates real size figures from paper and tape to leave in various public places so

  • that people can interact with them.

  • That's a great map of art and photos but now let's head to

  • London based animator and designer, Simon Roberts has created this website as a way

  • to conquer the steep initial learning curve of understanding cameras outside automatic mode.

  • His goal is to explain it in a way that eliminates abstractions likethe exposure triangle

  • that is commonly used.

  • The graphics page teaches you things like focal length, light as it relates to exposure,

  • and much more.

  • It's very informative but for kinesthetic learners the interactive diagram is especially

  • helpful.

  • You can adjust all of the aforementioned components of photography and take a picture to see how

  • you can improve.

  • Let's take a break from seeing to listen to

  • Soothing sounds with the asmr generator for positive feelings.

  • We can hear soothing noises like leaves blowing in the wind, fire crackling, or….*creepy

  • man whispering* Oh no, you really don't have to do that *more creepy man whispering*...Seriously it's okay…*even more creepy man whispering*

  • Okay I'm leaving.

  • But not for nothing.

  • I wanted to go to Clubber Toy where I can rave by myself with good music and alluring

  • images.

  • Press any number from one to nine for a visual change.

  • Like this, and this, and this, and this, and this and this and this and *Jake trying to beatbox*

  • I've never been to a rave before but I assume that's what the music is like.

  • I don't know why but for some reason this one made me remember that I have more DONGs

  • to show you so let's get going.

  • Ya know what comes to mind when I think of the phrasepressing issue”?

  • Couple names.

  • Thank goodness for this name combiner.

  • I try to keep up to date on everything pop culture so let's put in my favorite celeb

  • couple, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

  • Wow look at all these options.

  • Bradifer, Jenad, and my personal favorite Brfer.

  • Just slides off the tongue, ya know?

  • But ya know what I want to slide on the tongue?

  • Mazecheese.

  • Steer the little mouse around the maze with your arrow keys to go through the different

  • holes.

  • They serve as portals to other locations and the goal is to pick up cheese along the way.

  • Look I got one.


  • Which is a fun and annoying game where you try to make your Boiiii as long as possible

  • by getting a lot of i's.

  • Use the up arrow to jump over the rectangular obstacles.

  • When you collect a P you power jump and the 3 allows you to triple jump.

  • Look how many I got!

  • That is a lot of I's but I can't listen to this anymore.

  • I need to get away on the beach somewhere

  • So I can play Cranky Crabs. Boi!

  • Hit the crabs with your yoyo by clicking until it's gone.

  • You can add on time with these and give your yoyo more power with these.

  • And make sure to jump using your spacebar to avoid all these obstacles. Boi!

  • Links to all the DONGs can be found in the description below and if you need more DONGs in your life there is a playlist right here.

  • Also, on a complete, total side note, did you ever notice that a banana peel, if you put it on your face,

  • Like this, it kind of looks like the face hugger from Alien ya know?

  • And as always, thanks for watching.

Hey I'm Jake and Michael Stevens isn't here right now. Where is he? Nobody knows but ya know what I feel?


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