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  • This is Mike Mitchell, director of "The Lego Movie

  • 2 —

  • The Second Part."

  • All right.

  • Here we are in Bricksburg, which

  • has been destroyed by Duplo aliens,

  • leaving it apocalyptic.

  • And Lucy and Emmet and Battlecatty

  • are checking out a new evolved alien that's just arrived,

  • and she spotted Emmet dancing.

  • Uh, oh.”

  • So it was a real challenge to make

  • sure that in the animation that we could only

  • use Lego bricks that really exist in the real world

  • even though this is all done on the computer.

  • So we made sure everything has a handmade feel

  • and that we're only using Lego brick for everything

  • including the smoke, including the dust,

  • including the explosions.

  • And if you look closely, everything's dusty.

  • Sometimes there's fingerprints on the Lego.

  • This is them master building a getaway car, Chris Pratt

  • and Elizabeth Banks.

  • Snazzy racing stripes.”

  • For this film we're designing new things

  • with our production designer, Patrick Hanenberger

  • and art director Kristen Anderson.

  • But we're also working hand in hand with Lego.

  • And as they're building toys, they're

  • helping us design as well.

  • So it's like a back and forth that we

  • had between our artists and our animators and the toy

  • makers, as well.

  • There's a blinker gag that I stole from a SpongeBob movie,

  • I directed, that was cut out.

  • And even that stream of smoke, everything

  • is made out of a brick.

  • “I can't believe another year has passed.”

  • Wrong flare!”

  • Should old acquaintance — “

  • Alfred, battle cars.”

  • Undeniably, Apocalypseburg is a nod to Mad Max

  • without stealing from Mad Max.

  • But it was really fun to do all

  • these apocalyptic vehicles and this dusty look,

  • but all through the whimsical lens of Lego.”

  • [screaming]

  • We're alive!

  • Aah!”

  • Love you.”

  • “I love you more.

  • These stars and hearts are voiced

  • by the children of our editors, Wyatt Jones

  • and Claire Knight.

  • And I believe they're around seven years

  • old when we recorded them.”

  • Wee!”

  • Hello!”

  • Hurray!”

  • [grunts]

  • [whimpers]

This is Mike Mitchell, director of "The Lego Movie


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