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All facts in this movie have been independently confirmed.
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Transcribed by Activists of Free Humanity: http://freehumanity.net/
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Any living system on our beloved planet,
is an eloquent expression of the Universe's astonishing ability
to come to a perfect balance
and then to do what life is ment to do:
to thrive.
Thriving is the natural flow of life
Consider what is surely on of the greatest wonders of all
how a tiny egg and a single irrepressably plucky sperm
can unleash a process that brings forth in end another one of us
a being of vast ability and unlimited potential,
with a brain capable of complex and soaring self reflection,
legs made to dance and run,
fingers nimble enough to weave a basket
play a violin,
caress a face.
If nature teaches us anything,
is that life is meant to work
and like every living thing, our purpose is to thrive.
And yet, for the majority of people on the planet
life is not about thriving,
it's about surviving,
just trying to hang on.
Is this really the best that we can do?
Did the Universe labor for nearly 14 billion years
only to bring forth a species that will end up as an enemy to life itself
and to its own home?
I don't think so!
My name is Foster Gamble
and I have spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out, what happened
what is happening, that could account
for this staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.
As a young man, driven by the misery I saw
and by my fear for our survival,
I set out on a journey,
seeking to answer questions like:
Is it even possible for humans to thrive?
If so, why aren't we?
My research led me to places, I never expected to go
revealing surprising discoveries, that seemed unrelated at first
but which turned out to be crucially connected, as you'll see.
I found a code
a pattern in nature that's been embedded in arts and icons, throughout the centuries.
I believe this code holds the key to a new source of clean, sustainable energy
that could completely revolutionize the way all people live.
I came to understand how our economic system is rigged
and I found out, what we can do about it.
My journey will reveal ways we can reclaim our power,
to create liberating healthy systems, everywhere on Earth.
I realized that we are not a mistake, we are simply mistaken!
We've been blinded to our brilliance,
insure of our strength,
ignorant of our genius,
unaware of our true power and magnificense.
But all that is about to change!
I invite you to share with me the highlights of my unlikely journey!
I created this navigator,
to take us through time and space.
Let me show you around!
On this screen we can access what I call "our vitals":
it's the critical data, we don't get from the corporate media,
which in the U.S. has consolidated from 50 companies,
down to 5 in just over 25 years.
We'll use this to check on, how we're really doing.
The right screen tracks how to chart a healthy sustainable course
for living on planet Earth.
I call these the "navigating insights".
And this will be our compass.
Instead of a needle seeking north in our earth's magnetic field,
our compass is the shape of the field itself
and that shape, as you will soon see,
has amazing technological and social ramifications.
After a lifetime quest
I've come to believe that this pattern actually holds the key to a world that works for everyone.
So let's go!
What on Earth will it take?
I grew up in a world of privilege and power,
attending elite private schools and then Princeton University.
As a direct descendant of one of the founders of Procter & Gamble,
I was growed to be a leader in the establishment,
but I chose a different path.
Uncovering The Code
I began to wake up when I was in elementary school.
Adults were teaching me that the way to protect myself from a nuclear explosion
was to dock under my desk and cover my head.
That's when my serious questioning began.
A couple of years later, I had a direct experience of universal energy.
It happened one day when I was riding on a school bus, gazing out the window.
I had a vision of the world pool pattern
and I just knew that the flow of energy I was seeing
was the same in atom, as in our entire solar system.
I felt deeply, that I too was somehow made of that same pattern.
This vision was that originally got me into science,
into trying to figure out how the universe works
and how we humans fit in the overall pattern of life-energy.
Years later I learned that the pattern I saw,
is known by some in the scientific world.
It turn's out that in 1921 Albert Einstein got a Nobel prize for discovering,
that when energy is released in the Universe
There are little packets of wholeness, that emerge
This pattern actually tells us a lot about how life evolves.
Considering the enduring wonders of creation throughout the universe
and how unsustainable so many of our human systems are,
I figured learning how the universe creates and sustains life,
would actually be quite useful.
Each of these little packets of wholeness, that Einstein discovered,
called a quantum,
is made out of its surroundings, but is distinct within it,
like a whirlpool in water.
These packets are always the same pattern, nomather what size
and they are surprisingly relevant to issues as seemingly disconnected,
the wars in the Middle East, the global financial collapse
and how we achieve justice for everyone.
We are about to explore how.
Mathematicians call this pattern the Torus.
The energy in a torus flows into one end,
circulates around the center
and exits out the other side.
It's balanced, self regulating and always whole.
I was first officially introduced to the torus by scientist and inventor Arthur Young.
Futurist Duane Elgin explains
how the torus is the primary pattern that nature uses for life
at every scale.
The Evolution means to unfold, to roll out.
So the question is, what is the Universe rolling out?
And what the Universe is rolling out is self organising systems
and you can see this at every scale.
Self organising system is a technical term
for a system taking a hold of itself,
knowing itself, essentially.
And if we go to nature,
we can look and see these self organising forms, throughout.
We can see it in the cross section of an orange
the cross section of an apple.
We can see it in the dynamic nature of a tornado.
We can see it in the magnetic field around the Earth,
a similar magnetic field, around an individual.
We can see it in the structure of an entire whirlpool galaxy.
We can see it in the structure of a small atom.
And, every scale, throughout this entire history,
the Universe has one single project
it's growing toruses!
the Universe is a torus growing factory
These toroidal dynamics are visible at various scale.
One of them is at the galactic level,
which are huge spinning structures, with billions of stars in them.
Looks like, typically, big arms of galaxies,
spinning around
and we have vortex, that goes to the center out
to the edge of the galactic halo,
that surrounds them.
Stars move from this galactic disk out to the halo,
down the vortex and back out again.
Stars as Arcturus, for instance, we know, have done that path already.
That's the appropriate description even for the atmosphere of our planet.
The weather goes from the north pole down to the equator and then back up
and the south pole, up to the equator and then back down.
Even the dynamics on the surface of the Sun are very similar.
Of course here we are looking at it from an external perspective,
on a small scale model.
When we look at the solar system embedded in the galaxy
embedded in the cluster,
embedded in a super cluster,
we're travelling in the sea of infinite torus flow.
The torus is like the breath of the universe,
it's the form that the flow of energy takes at every scale of existence.
But there's also underlaying structure, in how the flow fits together,
sort of like a skeleton.
It is called the vector equilibrium
a term coined by one of the XX century's greatest thinkers
Buckminster Fuller.
Inspired by Fuller's visionary work,
I spent decades for searching the dynamics of the vector equilibrium and the torus.
I became so excited by the potential of the toroidal energy form,
that in 1997, I co-founded a multidisciplinary think tank,
called The Sequoia Symposium,
to study the pattern and explore its applications.
Our collective research convinced me,
that the torus and the vector equilibrium are primary patterns,
fundamental to the creation of the universe at all scales.
The Sequoia Symposium gatherings,
I learned of inventors, who claimed they were using the torus dynamic
as the basis for devices that generated energy without combustion.
This revolutionary development
accessing what's sometimes called zero point or radiant or free energy,
is now being called most simply, new energy technology.
Given that so much of the suffering in our world
is the result of lack of access to energy
I realized that free, unlimited, clean energy
would be one of the greatest breakthroughs in history.
It could not just improve,
but actually transform the quality of life on this planet.
So I began to wonder, who else knew about this pattern
or about the powerful potential energy source?
Some of the scientists of the symposium showed me how the torus has been encoded,
by different cultures for millennia.
Apparently ancient cultures have embedded this code
in the most enduring forms then possible,
in stories, in icons, in alphabets, in buildings.
Here we are at one of the world's oldest sacred sites:
the Osirian temple, at Abydos, Egypt.
Very few writing is found in the Osirian temple.
However, there is one very significant piece of information in that temple.
It is a very faint, but clear and precise drawing.
It's not edged into the rock, it's not carved,
it's burned in to the atomic structure of the rock,
in some extraordinary way.
Nassim has decoded the Osirian symbol in three dimensions.
Since our world is not two-dimensional,
it makes sense, the code relaying information about our world,
also wouldn't be limited to flat designs.
His three-dimensional version of the Osirian symbol starts with a vector equilibrium
a perfectly balanced force field
with 12 equal energy lines radiating out.
They stabilize the center, like the 12 spokes of a wheel.
The primary pattern of balanced energy flow around this structure,
is the torus.
Here we extend to the next larger scale
with a total of 64 pyramids, called tetrahedra.
If we then put spheres in
representing the toroidal energy fields surrounding each of the pyramid
and then we drop away the pyramids,
we end up with a matrix, that is amazingly an exact overlay for the Osirian icon,
a three-dimensional model of the same pattern,
that was burned in the rock wall of the Egyptian temple
thousands of years ago.
Now we travel across continents, from Egypt to China,
where the same geometry appears in another sacred site, built in 1420.
Then you go to the Forbidden City,
the sun gods reside
and where you find that the ancients, the "foo dogs"
the guardians of the knowledge.
They guard the knowledge under their paw.
The same geometry, with 64 energy units, is encoded again.
I started wondering, is it just a coincidence,
that the exact same design appears in significant places on two different continents?
But then, Nassim showed me, that this geometry of 64,
is encoded time and again in cultures across the centuries and from all over the world.
The Hebrew kabbalistic tree of life
creates the same structure, we just saw,
with the vector equilibrium again embedded at every level.
The ancient Chinese system of wisdom, called the I-Ching,
is based on 64 hexagrams,
symbols with six lines in a set,
some coninuous, some broken.
These can be put together as the six edges of a tetrahedron
and together would form the 64 tetrahedran crystal.
Ephesus, Turkey
Golden Temple of Sikhs', Amritsar, Punjab, India, sec. XVI
The same pattern shows up in modern scientific research.
The double helix has an alphabet of 64 codons,
that are used to encode our human DNA.
I had seen that there was advanced knowledge of the living geometry of the universe
thousands of years ago.
But how on Earth did they know about it?
Most of the stories of ancient Egypt and Mayans and Incas
talk about sun gods coming to the Earth
and teaching them engineering and writing and all of their science.
I started to wonder,
if all these sun gods were not advanced civilizations,
coming from another part of our galaxy.
These texts and of many ancient cultures describe them as coming in flying boats
or, in the Vedic tradition, flying machines, etc.
There are many mentions of these sun gods coming through time.
Could these early pilots from beyond our world
be the ones responsible for sharing the knowledge of this code?
Could they actually be tapping its power to propel themselves through the cosmos?
This isn't were I thought my research would lead me
and these notions were rocking my world.
But Nassim is impressive evidence to back up his theories
and I could see no other rational way, advanced math and physics concepts,
would have been recorded over 3000 years ago.
I sort out one of the most knowledgeable investigators:
Dr. Steven Greer,
the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
He's conducted hundreds of interviews with top ranking government and military witnesses.
And so, if we talk about extraterrestrial intelligence,
we're talking about civilizations,
that have reached the point of being sentient, like we are,
but whose technologies and perhaps social capabilities are such,
that they've been able to become interstellar
or interplanetary civilisations.
And we look at the fact that, in most concerned estimates in Milky Way galaxy,
that there are at least 10 000 earth-like planets, that have intelligent life on them
and at least half of them are likely to be as advanced or more advanced than ours.
It's almost a certainty, that there's intelligent life out there,
that has mastered the laws of the universe,
beyond what's currently taught at MIT and Caltech,
to be able to transfer through space time, in real time
through vast distances of interstellar space.
We have over 4 000 cases
were these objects have landed on terraforma
and left physical evidence.
We have over 3 500 pilot cases.
We have hundreds of cases,
including ones from the highest ranking investigator of the FAA, John Callahan
and numerous other operators, where these objects have been tracked on radar,
going tens of thousands of miles per hour
or dematerializing and then reappearing in another point in the sky.
Yes, there have been ET visitations, there have been crashed craft,
there have been material and bodies recovered.
We have contact with aliens,
not originating from some foreign country,
but from some other solar system.
And I've been a party to that.
There were documents that I have seen,
referred to the USS Roosevelt
having several instances of UFO flyovers
and particularly, after they took on board nuclear weapons.
And my CEO told me, what you got in your log did never happen.
The crew coming on duty and the crew coming off duty
all saw the UFO just hovering in mid air.
It was a metallic, circular object
and, from what I understand, the missiles were all shut down.
That meant it went dead.
And something turned those missiles off.
Now remember, all the set was flying in several thousand miles per hour.
So this thing fires a beam of light at the warhead, hits it
and then this thing flies up, like this,
meanwhile, we're all going like this, fires another beam of light,
goes around like this, fires another beam of light
goes around like this, fires another beam of light
and then flies out the way it came in
and the warhead tumbles to outer space.
The feeling at the time was that it must have been extraterrestial
They took the film and they spooled off the part, that had the UFO on it
and they took a pair of scissors and cut it off, they put that on a separate roll, they put it in the briefcase,
they handed Major Mansmann back the rest of the film
and said: "I don't need to remind you, major Mansmann,
of the severity of the security breach.
We'll consider this incident closed! "
But who do you tell, that you were involved in a UFO incident,
without them looking at you as if you're not wrapped too tight?
Mexico military releases photos of alleged UFOs
French get a look at the nation's UFO files
Vatican says alien life may exist
Out of all the evidence for the existence of UFOs
one extraordinary phenomenon continues to astonish and inspire me.
The appearance throughout the world of so-called "crop circles".
These elaborate designs appear mysteriously swirled into crops of grain,
in such a way, that the stocks are bend over, yet remain alive.
More than 5 000 of these patterns have appeared in over 30 countries
most of them in England.
The media has led many people, including me at first,
to write these crop patterns off as hoaxes,
the nighttime work of a few pranksters.
Of course there have been fake versions,
but those made by human hands are crude,
compared with the vast majority of these elegant creations.
Could hoaxers have created all 5 000 of these patterns?
Could a few people with ropes and boards
have created something as complex and beautiful as this one,
made in the dead of night, in a driving rain
and leaving no footprints on the soil?
The electromagnetic field over the area, where the crop's been laid down to create the image,
is often electrostatically charged.
Some of these areas are littered with strange magnetic particles.
One of the most amazing crop designs is not a circle, but a rectangle
that seems to be a direct response to a message sent out into space in 1974.
The message was a radio signal
depicting our planet's location in the solar system and Earth's people,
in hopes that it might be received and interpreted by an extraterrestial intelligence.
27 years later, in 2001,
This crop design appeared in England,
along with, what could be a self-portrait of the sender.
This message maches the format of the NASA signal
and describes a different solar system from ours,
a picture of the sender,
non-human DNA
and a microwave antenna they apparently use to communicate,
rather than radio antenna, that we used.
The antenna symbol had appeared a year earlier,
in exactly the same field,
right next to a working radio wave antenna
like the one NASA used to send out the original signal.
NASA continues to officially deny extraterrestial contact of any kind.
And yet, year after year,
these spectacular creations appear.
So what might these remarkable designs mean?
Here are some two-dimensional versions,
that seem to be revealing the torus, in 3D.
And here is the vector equilibrium,
and the related pattern of 64,
that we saw encoded in the art of so many ancient cultures.
When I saw the coherence between the crop circles and ancient encodings,
I thought regardless of whoever created them and wherever they're from,
there must be an important purpose to these designs.
They're so coherent
I've come to believe that the pattern of the torus and the vector equilibrium
especially in the form of the 64 tetrahedran crystal,
is showing us how energy works in the universe,
so that we can learn to align with it.
I believe that they are giving us a model
for accessing energy in a clean, safe and limitless way
and the new means of propulsion.
What more important message could there be to get to us
and especially now, from their perspective,
as we're beginning to extend our careless reach beyond our planet?
I got further confirmation of this notion,
when I met Dr. Jack Kasher,
a former professor of physics at the University of Nebraska,
who has also researched UFO fenomena.
Presentating at The Sequoia Symposium,
Dr. Kosher showed a remarkable series of drawings,
by a woman named Lane Andrews,
who claimed to have been invited on to extraterrestial spacecraft.
I was startled to see her detailed scetches of the toroidal energy field,
that she said, propelled the vehicle
and protected the passengers.
I subsequently interviewed James Gilliland.
James has many hours of UFO footage
from his ranch near Mount Adams in Washington State.
He also claimed to going on board of alien spacecraft.
What blew my mind was that he had never never met Lane Andrews
and had no knowledge of her experience,
yet he described a phenomenon, that was amazingly similar:
numerous ships with spinning rings of light.
Could it simply be coincidental,
that James and Lane describe the same torus dynamic
and that both of these people have been harassed extensively by government and military agencies ?
To some the idea of UFOs may seem crazy
and yet from another perspective it is completely plausible.
The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old,
that's 4,500 million years old.
What if there is another planet, that is almost exactly like ours,
almost exactly
4.501 million years old?
They're million years ahead of us,
and on a galactic scale they're almost our twin brothers.
So where are we gonna be in a million years?
We have solved all these problems and there's another way,
weather it's wormholes or warping space.
There's got to be a way to generate energy
so that you could pull it out of the vacuum.
And the fact that they are here, shows us, that they found a way.
This is a major shock to the human system, that is in progress.
I understand why people of our generation,
people who aspired to positions of political leadership, etc..,
never dear go near that question, because it's a worldview change,
it is a fundamental worldview change.
So here we are, a relatively immature species,
struggling with possible self-destruction!
If aligning with the torus
does hold the key to a new form of clean, safe energy access,
imagine the implications!
This could be the most important technology breakthrough of our times!
So who wouldn't want to have an energy source, that's unlimited and freely available?
That turned out to be a key question,
that's what led me down the next rabbit hole.
It turns out that scientists as far back as the early 1900
have been developing alternative ways to access electricity
without combustion.
Nikola Tesla believed he had tapped into what he called "radiant energy".
Many scientists believe he was accessing what's now called free energy.
But before Tesla could finish the project,
its financier, banker JP Morgan,
who had a monopoly on the copper used for electrical lines,
recognized how Tesla's invention could transmit electricity without wires.
he then shut down Tesla's funding.
Tesla's lab was burned down and he was ostracized,
all for trying to implement his vision of unlimited energy for everyone.
A modern day inventor Adam Trombly was inspired by Tesla's work
and by the possibilities of the torus.
Trombly built a dynamo, a direct current generator,
that accessed electrical power right out of the air.
We were trying to demonstrate that by mimicing the magnetic field of a planet
and rotating this device, we can actually create a dynamo, that would work.
And, in fact, it did work, and it does work.
So when we contemplate nature, when we contemplate Jupiter
or we contemplate a dynamo like the earth rotating in space,
we basically have a magnet, that is rotating in space
the lines of flux of the magnet are pulling down and through
in this toroidal pattern of the magnetic field.
It's also expanding and contracting - it's breathing.
It's taking in the energy of space literally and transforming it.
Right here in this toroid, we have enough energy
to transform the entire earth.
And that's not just a theoretical statement, it's literally true!
If we contemplate the implications of this
means that every single place on Earth suddenly has power,
every single person on Earth suddenly has power.
We have universal abundance!
Trombly had been invited to demonstrate one of his generators at the UN and the U.S. Senate
but these events were undermined by the first Bush administration,
then the device itself was taken in a government raid.
Trombly's experience isn't unique.
Almost every time I found an inventor,
with a promising new technology in the field of free energy,
he told us similar story of suppression.
Inventor John Bedini
began working with Tesla's theories of radiant energy, decades ago
and has produced a sortment of battery charging devices
that generate more energy, than it takes to run them.
He announced, that he was going to start offering them at low cost.
Soon after that he was attacked in his lab
and swore not to produce the devices.
For his own safety, he had to let go of marketing free energy.
These are all devices from labs I personally visited.
The quality of this footage is obviously poor
and I'm not expecting this to convince you.
My point is, that being there with these inventors, accompanied by experts
and seeing these new energy devices in operation
convinced me that the technology is real
and the implications of that to me are absolutely thrilling.
Canadian John Hutchison not only created some free energy batteries
but also used Tesla's theories to counter gravity,
to make objects float.
This could revolutionize the field of propulsion.
His lab was raded
and equipment was taken by police and government officials in 1978,
and again in 2000.
One of the scientists we were going to interview for this film,
was Dr. Eugene Mallove,
an engineer from MIT and Harvard
and editor of "Infinite Energy" magazine,
which covers both theoretical and technological developments in the new energy field.
Dr. Mallove was mysteriously beaten to death in 2004.
If these inventors were all hoaxers and charlatans,
I wonder why are they being suppressed so consistently and so brutally?
I asked free energy inventor Adam Trombly,
why he thought this technology was being suppressed
and if the UFO phenomenon was related.
We've had major military people, taking great risk to themself, say, yes, these things are real.
Why do you think the military-industrial complex
doesn't want that statement to be made?
Because you start thinking about, what kind of technology is behind that.
That's the bottom line.
The suppression of UFO phenomena
is hand in hand with the suppression of so-called free energy.
The energy is extracted from the fabric of space around us,
which means it can not be metered.
This is a direct threat to the single largest industry in the world: energy
It's goodbye Exxon Mobil,
goodbye oil,
goodbye coal
goodbye linear transmission of electricity through power lines.
All that gone!
Unfortunately, it's someone's 200 trillion dollar piggy bank.
The proven oil, gas and coal reserves are worth over 200 trillion dollars.
This information coming out ...
would completely change geopolitical power ...
more than anything else in recorded human history.
And would happen in a generation!
I started to examine the breakthrough solutions
and, to much to my surprise,
These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories throughout the world.
And yet, they have not rally seen the light of day.
Rather than smashing things together
and trying to control the explosion,
these new technologies rely on blending,
of dancing with what naturally is.
The common denominator of all the free energy devices, I have seen,
is that it mimic, in one way or another, the torus energy shape.
You don't have to believe in free energy technology,
to be concerned about the repression of ideas and inventions.
I found myself thinking,
what better way to justify our dependence on oil,
coal, nuclear
and other dangerous and dirty technologies,
and to claim there's no better, cheaper alternatives?
It was my beloved wife and creative partner Kimberly,
who kept bringing me back to the human implications of my scientific research.
For me, as intrigueing as the torus and ETs and free energy are,
the most compelling question was:
Would understanding these things really help alleviate human suffering in any way?
And it turnes out, it can!
So much of the pain on the planet has to do with the lack of access to energy.
Can you stay warm?
Can you get food and water?
Can you get hospital care?
All that has to do with energy access.
If there is a fundamental pattern
- which makes sense to me, that evolution would be efficient in that way
and we can align with that pattern to create new technologies,
that would solve these problems,
that it's worthy to me to open my mind
to these socially taboo subjects.
If the new energy technologies were to be set free worldwide,
the change would be profound.
It would affect everybody,
it would be applicable everywhere.
These technologies are absolutely
the most important thing that's happened in the history of the world.
So given the stakes, I decided to ask:
Who's benefiting from suppressing scientific research?
Whose wealth and power are threatened by access to clean free energy?
Who has a motive to set up a world, where so few have so much
and so many have so little?
As an independent researcher, I followed one of the cardinal rules of investigative journalism:
If a story doesn't make sense, follow the money!
Following the Money
Our being dependent on oil
insures, that energy corporations continue to reap phenomenal profits.
I see them commiting huge resources to undermine energy alternatives
to control global reserves
and maintain high oil prices.
They have enough money and influence,
to suppress anything that might threaten the monopoly.
So who's behind the huge energy corporations?
The Rockefeller's oil empire got started in 1870,
when John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil
and became America's first billionaire.
Standard Oil has since morfed into Exxon Mobil and others.
And Rockefellers control our food as well!
They were primarly responsible
for the global shift to large-scale petroleum-based agriculture
I remember the so-called "green revolution" in the 60s and 70s.
Like most people, I thought it was a great thing.
It was however based on the planting of huge plots with a single crop,
using vast amounts of oil-based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
The Green Revolution was the brainchild of the Rockefeller Foundation's natural science division,
in partnership with large agricultural corporations.
Petroleum-based agriculture
provided vast new profits for the oil industry,
but never lived up to its promises
of ending hunger and promoting health.
The Green Revolution did at first increase productivity,
because every bit of soil was being used for immediate production,
but its true cost can now be seen.
Taxpayers pay billions in subsidies,
to giant agricultural corporations.
Small family farms have all but disappeared.
Biodiversity is destroyed,
toxic chemicals poison farmworkers and pollute the land,
water and our food supply,
endangering the health of us all,
as of 2010, aproximally one in every seven people worldwide
did not have enough to eat.
The giant corporations were brought us chemicals for chemical industrial agriculture.
And we were talking about three instruments to consolidate the food chain.
The first was genetic engineering as a way of control.
The second was patenting seed and patenting life as a way of control,
declaring seeds to be private property
treating the saving of seeds by farmers as a crime,
as a theft of intellectual property.
And the third was so-called free trade treaties,
that would drop ordinary people, farmers, growers off their freedom,
to save seed.
The design of "terminator" technology to create sterile seed
in order to impose even more dependence of humanity
on a handful of corporations, it would be ultimate step in this.
We are of what we are doing with seeds,
literally, for the first time
creating a new colonization, which I call the colonization of the future.
Who controls the food supply, controls the people;
who controls the energy, can control whole continents;
who controls the money, can control the world. Henry Kissinger, 1973
So in two srucial areas, energy and food,
same elite banking families and their corporations have taken control
and the consequences have been devastating.
For me it was overwhelming at first,
to discover such a monopoly of influence,
but I knew it was important,
like learning you have a tough, but treatable disease,
it helps to understand, what's causing it and how it operates, if the goal is to cure.
So I continued my investigation.
If oil and food are controlled by the big banking families
where else does their influence show up?
As I followed the money, I began to see the same pattern of control
in just about every area of our lives
and always found the same families in charge,
either directly through their banks and corporations,
or indirectly through their major foundations.
Again it was the Rockefellers, who created the National Education Association,
with help from the Carnegie Foundation and later from the Ford Foundation.
What the captains of industry wanted from our schools,
was an obedient and docile work force,
who would be manageable employees and eager consumers.
Schools are to establish fixed habits of response to Authority.
That's why it takes 12 years
for you to respond reflexibly,
when anyone in the position of authority, tells you what to do.
Like education, health is another area dominated by big money and corporations.
The American Medical Association, for example, is largely funded by the Rockefellers,
who use their funding to influence AMA research and decision making.
The average MD has four years of medical school,
takes one course in nutrition,
two and half hours in many cases
and these materials used - curriculum materials -
are supplied by the National Dairy Council
and the National Livestock and Meat Board
and other industries, including the Sugar Association,
with products to sell, that actually undermine our health in the first place
Unfortunately, the way the system of medicine is set up,
medical education is primarly funded by pharmaceutical companies,
so there's a motive to make and sell as many drugs as possible.
It is also a time effective way of making money
for the phycician, for the pharmaceutical company, for the whole medical establishment.
But it's really perpetuating the problems, it was ment to alleviate.
Side effects may include nausea, dry mouth and constipation.
Increases in white blood cells, which can be serious ...
Sexual side effects, diarrhea, nausea and sleepiness.
Can lead to coma or death.
How far will these forces go, to make a profit?
Would they actually suppress cures for diseases,
the way they suppressed free energy technology?
Sadly my research has shown me, the answer is yes.
One well documented example is the case of Dr. Royal Rife.
In the 1920s Dr. Rife invented one of the most advanced microscopes of his time.
He also developed a new technique he called coordinated resonance.
which was apparently able to destroy cancerous tumors,
as well as viruses.
In 1934, in clinical trials affiliated with the University of Southern California,
Rife's treatment was tested on 16 terminally ill cancer patients.
Within three months, they were all sucessfully cured.
Soon after, a lab testing Rife's technology was burned down
and a fatuous lawsuit was filed.
Through the efforts of Morris Fishbein,
head of the jurnal of American Medical Association,
Rife was essentially shut down and ruined,
his brilliant and promising work all but forgotten.
It was really hard for me to consider,
that someone might actually be supressing cures.
and cancer has run through my family like a raging river.
I found out that it's all about patents.
If a pharmaceutical company can patent and make money from treatment,
especially one, that we have to keep on using,
then that's what we get.
Otherwise we don't even hear about it.
It's not just Rife, who got shut down.
Rene Caisse had an old indian ojibwa formula, that was effective.
Harry Hoxsey and Max Gerson had natural remedies, that worked.
But you know and you look them out, the AMA makes them sound like complete crooks.
And that's for following the money has been so helpful,
because the same powers, who control the AMA and their research and funding,
control the pharmaceuticals.
So there's a multi-trillion dollar financial incentive,
to supress cures, that can't be patented.
Knowing that cures exist,
has not taken away the anguish I feel
from losing so many people, I love, to cancer.
It's giving me something really satisfying to do with the pain
and I believe when we take the love and devotion that we have,
for anyone who's died and who will die unnecessarily
and are direct it to developing and getting these cures out
to people, who need them,
we can break this cancer legacy and heal.
As difficult as it was for me,
I've come to an inescapable and profoundly disturbing conclusion:
I belive that an elite group of people and the corporations they run,
have gained control over not just our energy,
food supply, education and health care,
but over virtually every aspect of our lives.
And they do it by controlling the world of finance,
not by creating more value,
but by actually controlling the source of money.
When I followed the money, I found that it took me up the levels of a pyramid.
Here we are at the bottom level, going about our daily lives!
Above us is government,
people who are given a monopoly on force
and use it to tax and control us, whether or not we agree.
But who controlls them?
At the next level are the corporations.
Many would say that it is now corporations and not nation states, that rule the world.
They call it a"corporatocracy".
To acquire the world's resources and control the markets,
this corporatocracy must to have access to cheap money.
The big corporations get their loans with special rates from big banks,
which means that those who control the major banks, the money elite,
ultimately control the corporations.
As I followed the money, I learned that almost everything I once believed about money,
is simply not true.
It's interesting how few questions we actually ask
about very everyday things,
like when we go into a bank and we ask for a loan, say $ 50,000 dollars, 50,000 pounds.
What actually happens?
See, most people live their lives,
based on a kind of vague image of what happens.
What actually happens, is you ask for 50,000 pounds,
they type into your account 50,000 pounds.
That's all they do!
They don't mint any coins, print any money
they don't move any precious metal anywhere
they just put 50,000 pounds into your account in a computer screen.
From that moment, you start paying interest
on money, that has never, does not and will never exist.
It turns out, that banks actually have about 9 times as much money loaned out,
as they have on reserve in their vaults.
This is possible because of what's referred to as fractional reserve lending.
The way it works is that the Federal Reserve or the central bank in any country
is legally allowed to determine the amount of bank must have on reserve.
In the U.S. it's currently around 10%.
So if you deposit $ 10,000 dollars into the bank,
the bank sets aside 10% or $ 1,000 dollars
and then loans out the rest of your money.
The way it works is, say another person comes into the bank
and asks for a car loan of $ 9,000 dollars.
At this moment, the bank loans out the $ 9,000 dollars,
from your original deposit.
It isn't there anymore!
The borrower then pays the person selling the car
and they go to deposit the money into another bank,
which is part of the same central banking system.
This $ 9,000 dollars is treated as a new deposit
and the process continues.
The money gets redeposited and reloaned,
until the initial deposit of $ 10,000 dollars
becomes $ 100,000 dollars.
The banking system just created $ 90,000 dollars by loaning out your money.
Apparently it began with the goldsmiths in the seventeenth century,
when people were trading in gold.
Gold was heavy to carry around, so people stored the actual metal in vaults
and traded receipts instead.
Those receipts were the first paper money.
Since only a few people would withdraw their gold at any given time,
the vault owners, basically the new bankers,
began creating receipts for more metals, than they actually held.
They loaned out those receipts and charged interest on money,
on gold that they didn't really had.
That's how our so-called fractional reserve system was born.
In this system the bankers get to make money out of nothing,
while the rest of us have to work hard to earn it.
It has created a modern form of serfdom,
where the mass of society is now working, to pay off their debt to the banks
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand
our banking and monetary system,
for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution
before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford, 1922"
Under this fractional reserve scheme
we inevitably become debt slaves
to a ruling class of financial elite.
Not because they are better or smarter than anyone else,
but because they have rigged the system
to benefit themselves at the expense of most people on the planet.
Catherine Austin Fitts is an expert on this issue.
He was assistant secretary of housing and urban development
under president George Bush senior
and then an adviser to the Clinton administration.
Lets set up a game of Monopoly and you want to buy a part place,
What I can continually do is just print money, give myself more money,
lower the value of your money by printing more.
No mather how hard working you are
or how successful you are
I can always end up buying you for free.
So how come if you or I make money, it's called counterfeiting
but if the banks do it, it's increasing the money supply?
How did the banks get this power?
This is Jekyll Island,
where in 1910, representatives from the Rockefeller family, Rothschilds,
Morgans and other private bankers
gathered secretly,
to draft the legislation, that would create the Federal Reserve.
Ed Griffin literally wrote the book on what happened on Jekyll Island.
Central banks are banking cartels,
which have gone into partnership with the respected governments,
on the countries where they operate
and they've been given monopolistic power over the creation of the nations money supply.
That what the politicians handed to them as a gift, you might say, for the partnership
Now, in return, what do the bankers do for the politicians?
I promise to create money out of nothing, now that they got this legal power to do it,
anytime the government needs it.
And since 2008,
we witnessed the greatest fake money printing run in recorded history.
This financial sleight of hand disguises the cost,
hides who's to blame
and leaves us as debt slaves working to pay off the bill.
I find it revealing, that in the same year the Federal Reserve was founded, 1913
the internal revenue service was also established.
An income tax was then instigated,
so you and I would have to pay the politicians debt, plus interest,
to the bankers.
The problem is we have a privately owned central bank system, in U.S.
disguised as a government-owned system.
If you look in the phone book here in the Washington DC area,
you look up for Federal Reserve and the blue government pages, it's not there.
It's in the white pages, right next to Federal Express.
It's a privately owned central bank.
What is the proper relationship ...
What should be the proper relationship between the Chairman of the Fed
and a president of U.S.?
- Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency.
And that means basically, that ...