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  • this area is useful, the engine component so the major components so you can see there's a nozzle nozzles in various stages of completion on.

  • Then you also see the copper things of chamber liners.

  • Between that, that's, Ah, a Merlin vacuum configuration, which has got more spread out nozzle section.

  • And that's the sea level configuration, which has got a sort of short, um, copy nozzle.

  • Those are the propellant supply lines for Falcon nine.

  • So they got a single tank that manifolds out tonight engines, and then you got fooling drain lines.

  • So it's a total of of 10 sets of five inch diameter lines that manifold out to the various engines.

  • So it's kind of like having like a nine senator engine cars back.

  • That thing is out to bending area, so there's a lot of tubes in a rocket, and we have a couple of automated to Bender's that one to program a particular type of tube could be very complicated to that.

  • Looks like a crazy pretzel, and this machine can make that exact same to every time perfectly.

  • All right, so here we are, in the Space Sex machine Shop way have about 30 different machines of all sizes and shapes of riot CD and machines.

  • Electric discharge machining We've got lays most that there's just in an almost amount of metal sculpting that takes place to create the vehicle.

  • You know what I feel?

  • Their eyes.

  • That's basics makes about 80% of the vehicle by value in house.

  • So, you know, for the engine role model comes in and out comes an engine on dhe.

  • So it's all these machines that that the metal is taking from its role form on into the final machine, Apart from apart like this will come in as a forging on Ben will get turned and mold and cut eventually end up a Zen engine.

  • Chamber liner thing is a new machine that just arrived.

  • Just being tested in space is before we start machining on it.

  • They were actually cutting the grooves on a chamber and drilling the holes that unnecessary cooling these air engine manifolds that connect the nozzle in the chamber.

  • You go to spirit rocket parts.

  • Thoughts for the stage is possibly engines.

  • Those are some.

  • Some PES.

  • That's a two for the the main oxygen supply line to Falcon nine.

  • Some more nozzle parts here.

  • Part the part that sound machine shop That's actually, I mean, I've been going through everything.

  • There's a lot of detail here and service proprietary, but gives you a sense for escape.

  • But we actually got a lot of upside machining that we do as well.

  • We have a very high engine production right here at Space X This'll year.

  • This year alone in Space X will make more rocket engines than the rest of US production combined.

  • And next year we'll we'll make more rocket engines than any country in the world.

  • So, um, that's a lot of rocket engines that will have to go through on B B, made very efficiently and made very accurately on.

  • That's what all these machines are we looking at.

  • Here is a moment one C really re generally cool the engine.

  • It's getting ready to ship out to test site in Texas to be part of the nine inch in firing.

  • This is actually the ninth and final engine to be shut down for that on.

  • We do that firing.

  • It's gonna be quite spectacular.

  • Falcon nine is the most powerful single core vehicle in the American fleet and when Falcon nine heavy debuts and about 23 years, that will be the most powerful vehicle in the world because the shuttle will have retired by that point.

  • So that's really quite significance.

  • Thief Raul Equivalent of said.

  • Ever say 3 80 or for 7 47 This thing is the TiVo pump.

  • Uh, this is this is the chamber nozzle.

  • And then there's over supporting structure in there with avionics and control valves, and here you can see the difference with a Falcon one configuration.

  • So it's a steel pyramid stage Calving is contained inside that that that permit.

  • But other than that, it's substantially the same of a tip.

  • A pump in the chamber knows so very little difference, really.

  • Between the Falcon one configuration fell tonight configuration.

this area is useful, the engine component so the major components so you can see there's a nozzle nozzles in various stages of completion on.


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