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No, I am sorry.
The current President is President Ma.
I don’t know his name though.
I don’t know.
Uhh, President Ma Ying-Jeou.
No idea.
I don’t know. Hahahaha
Ma Ying-Jeou
I have no idea who the President is of Taiwan.
Don’t you have a Prime Minister? Hahahaha
I know the President is a woman.
Oh in Korea, that was in Korea, my bad!
Hu Jing-Tao
Ahh, as an American, the government does bug our phones,
and I have like told my friends, like I will be talking on the phone
and I like to actually go…
Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!
Probably, Canadians wouldn’t care too much,
but they will still complain about it a lot.
Probably the U.S. government is bugging Taiwanese phones if I have to guess.
Ok, like the Americans do.
Sir, we are only interviewing foreigners’ opinions.
And the U.S. especially in the South where I come from,
where people are heavily armed.
Then people probably rise up, and not be so happy.
Run down the President’s office or whatever.
Then if you didn’t throw a shoe at him, you are kinda… kinda fxcking up.
I think people will come to demonstrate in the public
and may ask them to resign from their positions.
I personally think.
Excuse me.
I think our current political crisis…
We really are just interviewing foreigners.
It’s okay. I personally think (weird accent)
There are many places that I like, like the night market and the food.
‘Coz Taiwanese food is better than American food.
Taiwan is an independent country… I believe.
(Independent from China)
My favorite color is… green.
Wait, wait. What was the question again?
It’s my home; they have no right to take it from me.
But they did. So what would you do about it?
Well, I guess at first, I will complain because it’s like the right way to do it.
I will try to get it by their official means
and in case I didn’t, I will just sleep in front of my house or something like this all the days.
It’s gone! There is no house anymore.
Ahh there’s no house anymore?!
They took it down, they they they… shattered the…
I will build it again. Like I will start building a new house there
‘coz it’s my house.


外國人對台灣亂象的看法 - Foreigners' opinions about Taiwan & USA political crisis

14694 分類 收藏
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