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  • so the pivotal breakthrough.

  • But that's necessary that some company has come up with to make life.

  • Multi planetary is of fully and rapidly reusable overclass rocket.

  • This is a very difficult thing to do because we way live on a planet where it that is just barely possible.

  • If gravity were a little lower, it would be easy.

  • If it was a little higher, it would be impossible.

  • Uh, so, uh, even for an expendable launch vehicle, you know where you don't attempt any recovery after?

  • A lot of smart people have done their best to optimize the weight of the vehicle and the efficiency, the engines and the guidance system.

  • Everything you get, maybe 2 to 3% of your lift off.

  • Wait, talk to orbit.

  • That's not a lot of room for error.

  • So if you rock, it ends up being just a little little bit heavier.

  • You get nothing to orbit.

  • And this is why only a few countries have ever reached orbit.

  • Now you say.

  • Okay, well, let's make it reusable, which means you've gotto strengthen the stages.

  • You're gonna add a lot of weight, a lot of, uh, thermal protection.

  • You've got to do do a lot of things that that add weight to to that vehicle and still have a useful paler toe of it.

  • This'd is nice.

  • Ink off that meager 2 to 3% over.

  • And maybe if you're really good, get it to fall.

  • You've got addle that all that's necessary to bring the rocket stages back to the launch pad and be able to re fly them and still have useful paler 12.

  • It so very difficult thing that this has been attempted many times in the past.

  • And generally what's happened is when people have concluded that success was not one of the possible outcomes than that the project's been abandoned.

  • No way could fail.

  • Uh, I'm not saying we were certain of success here, but we're going to try to do it.

so the pivotal breakthrough.


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為什麼製造一枚可重複使用的火箭如此困難?埃隆-馬斯克 (Why Is Making A Reusable Rocket So Difficult? Elon Musk)

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