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  • COMM: Tipping the scales at a reported 21

  • kilos, eight month old Santiago Mendoza's size has shocked the word.

  • COMM: Supersize Santiago weighs the same as

  • an average six-year old child, due to his insatiable appetite.

  • FATHER: All that's given to him, he eats.

  • MOTHER: Yes, he eats it all.

  • COMM: His worried mother, Eunice Fandiño

  • approached charity, Gorditos del Corazón, in desperate attempt to save Santiago's life.

  • MOTHER: He suffers from anxiety so to calm

  • him down, he wants to eat all thew time and he starts crying. He cries day and night,

  • so I feed him to calm him down, you see.

  • COMM: The foundation planned to put Santiago

  • on a diet before carrying out a series of operations. But first he must be taken to

  • the capital, Bogota.

  • SALVADOR: Now on our way to Bogota with Santiago.

  • We will do beautiful work with this kid, with this baby.

  • COMM: And with help now at hand his family

  • hope Santiago's health can be managed.

  • MOTHER: That it's great work what they are

  • doing with my baby. I trust God and the Foundation that my bany will keep going and lose weight.

  • END

COMM: Tipping the scales at a reported 21


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這是世界上最大的嬰兒嗎? (Is This The World's Biggest Baby?)

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