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  • - Hi everyone, this is Sal Khan here from Khan Academy,

  • as you might notice, I am back in the walk-in closet

  • where Khan Academy first started.

  • I am socially distanced, like I'm sure many of you all are.

  • And I just wanted to give you a quick message,

  • because I know in this time of crisis,

  • there's a lot of anxieties about health,

  • about the economy, and the fact that there are a billion

  • students, and you might be one of them,

  • who are not in school who otherwise would be.

  • And all of us at Khan Academy, as a not for profit

  • with a mission of providing a free world class

  • education for anyone anywhere, we view it as our duty

  • to step up for the world during this crisis.

  • Over the last many years, we've been building resources

  • starting in pre-k with Khan Academy Kids

  • that covers math, reading, writing,

  • social/emotional learning.

  • And as you get into elementary school,

  • with math, and then we've recently launched

  • English and Language Arts.

  • Then we go through middle school

  • and then in high school, math.

  • We have things like SAT practice.

  • That's reading, writing, and mathematics.

  • And we have sciences.

  • And we have humanities.

  • We even go into early college courses.

  • And we realized that all of those

  • can help bridge the gap

  • as we go through this crisis together globally.

  • But we wanna do more.

  • That's why we have been doing things

  • like webinars and live streams for parents and teachers

  • around the world.

  • We have our daily homeroom live stream

  • that we're doing for folks.

  • And we're just trying to figure out anything

  • we can do to support you, the student, the teacher,

  • the parent better.

  • I do wanna remind everyone,

  • we are a not for profit organization.

  • And that means we are supported by philanthropic

  • donations from folks like yourself.

  • You own Khan Academy as much as I do.

  • No one is the owner of Khan Academy.

  • It is a public charity.

  • And we were already running a deficit

  • before this crisis hit,

  • but now our load on our servers is 250%

  • of what it typically would be,

  • and it's continuing to accelerate.

  • And so our costs are going up.

  • Our budget is the budget of a large high school,

  • but we reach a reasonable chunk of humanity.

  • And that chunk is getting even larger

  • and folks need us even more

  • in this time of crisis.

  • So, if you find yourself to be in a position.

  • You wanna make sure that other people have access

  • to free, world class education,

  • and that students, teachers, parents

  • around the world are as supported as possible,

  • please think about making a donation.

- Hi everyone, this is Sal Khan here from Khan Academy,


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